Lifeblood Spear Regeneration Effect Disappearing

Game mode: [Online | Single Player]
Problem: [Bug?]
Region: [NA/EU]

[So when I take any kind of damage with the Lifeblood Spear, the regeneration effect stops and I have to completely unequip and equip it again to start the regeneration effect again.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Take Damage

Haven’t used it, but this kind of makes sense to keep it from being OP and constant regen. My best guess is devs intend for one to use it and try not to take any damage (although against the newly trained T4’s, not taking at least one combo to sac is near impossible.).

Could be a bug as well. who knows. If not a bug, maybe make it so you get a 5s delay before it restarts again after taking damage, instead of completely having to quick swap it.

Yeah, I hope so.

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