Lifeblood spear broken

You are considering “soothing” to be a constant when its a variable. Run around in the volcano or run across frostbite bridge enough. You are also comparing the use of the spear in a small quick scenario compared to the overall game

So is the brittle bastard, but it is useless.

I did a test with and without Lifeblood, and I have passive regen.

I leaned into some palisades and dropped to half health.

10 pts of health in 12 seconds passive only, which mean 8 mins to recover 400* pts.

10 pts of health in 10 seconds with Lifeblood, which translates 6m 40s for 400* pts.

So we get some benefit, roughly 17% increase.

  • 400 points was chosen because I knew it was about that much time to recover after an incident involving a cliff.
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Thats ridiculously slow

I don’t know why they didn’t just take it out. What’s the point in reducing the items effects by 96%? As a weapon, it’s garbage and now as a healing item, it’s also garbage.
I get people are manipulating it on pvp, so apply the changes to pvp servers! The rest of us are just trying to enjoy a game that is, a lot of the time, a broken mess with some good highlights. That spear has saved me from those broken, buggy bits many times.

Of all the things to “fix”, funcom sure do love to ignore the ones that need fixing the most. Like duping, glitching other players loot, glitching other players workbenches, having other players build inside your own radius so you can’t even build on your own structures! But no, this was the most pressing issue, huh?

Like i said, they r messing up a valueable resource 100% of the time for ppl missusing it 10% of the time

Nice research. So there is a benefit to having a WEPAON that regens you. I think by introducing it so OP, that people forget it is a weapon first, and the regen was its unique bonus. Players converted it to a simple healing stick, and forgot that.

It may not be the strongest weapon, but the idea is to have a small regen boost, and still be able to defend yourself when you are running with it out.

They literally nerfed its healing by 96%. I can’t even begin to imagine how someone would justify a 96% nerf to anything.

We are trying to give good info here, so can everyone stop using the 96% number?

Going from 10/10 seconds to 2/10 seconds is not 96%. It’s 80%. Healing was dropped 80%

Damage was dropped 16%. But, you can’t add the two together and say it was nerfed 96%. That’s not how it works.

Yes, @Aria_of_Sorrow, I know it’s not your fault.

It now heals 1 HP across 5 seconds, right? It used to heal 5 per second, right? If correct then that is a 96% decrease.

That means you started at 25 regen (per 5 seconds) and ended with 1 regen (per 5 second). (5 seconds is your common denominator.)

Go ahead and slap “25” in for value 1 and “1” for value 2.

Re-read your 2nd paragraph and you will find your mistake.

It was 5 regen per 5 seconds, not 25.

Now it’s 1 per 5 seconds. Standard percentage calcs, that I do every day at work, 1 is 20% of 5. That leaves an 80% reduction.

who cares about the percentage? Point is that this item is now crap

I obviously can’t test the old rate now, but I always saw people saying it healed 5 HP per second.

I have been able to test that you get around a 16-18% increase in healing with the spear when you have passive regen. It’s better than nothing, but not much.