Bandages: bugged or not?

I posted this bug about healing wraps not working properly:

but after reading again the notes on last patch I wonder if they are now just supposed to stop bleeding:

Does anyone know how are bandages supposed to be working now?

When you are crippled from any source you can heal while you are crippled, but as soon as the cripple ends your healing stops. To my knowledge it has always been this way.

From what I’ve seen applying a bandage removes any bleeding stacks suffered but adds a single crippling effect that last no more than 3 seconds, perhaps less. The crippling stops any healing including the lvl 30 vitality perk so the bandage can’t heal the health damages taken. If you apply another bandage just after the crippling effect disappears, you get crippled again and all healing stops again. I did it 3 times in a row just to be sure and sometimes I can be stupidly stubborn.:weary:


Hey there,

We’re aware of an issue with bandages and our team is looking into it.


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