Bandage cripple even if no status effects

Game mode: All
Problem: Bug/Misc
Region: All

I understand the intention was to add cripple when using bandages but if there is no current status effect utilizing a healing/numbing/silken wrap still applies a cripple effect which seems wrong.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Use Healing/numbing/silken Wrap with no status effects on character.
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1st guess is they didn’t figure someone would use one just to use one. So the “Effects” aren’t really reacting to what happened to you code wise. It is looking if you have a bleeding effect, then cancels that code, and immediately adds code to give you cripple. It is not looking to at anything else. Simplified a bit, but that is what i believe the code is doing.

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I suppose if we equate it to real life, if you were to bandage yourself it would restrict movement in the bandaged area. Probably not as extreme as being “crippled” but I think the intention is a motion restriction from being bandaged.


It could hopefully be an effect (temporarily attributed to cripple until the devs can rename) to account for the time/effort it would take to apply the bandage during battle. Instead of not allowing the character to move without cancelling the effects, they simulate the effort of this movement with a small cripple effect. I said HOPEFULLY and TEMPORARILY because we could take this another direction and apply to eating/drinking/potion effects during combat to address “cheese spam heals”

Added: Regardless if u have the need to cure bleed, you still get the cripple effect because u chose to use it and it slows u down APPLYING it

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Hi there @Ginger_Raab, thank you for pointing this out!

We’ll poke the developers in this regard, as this behavior might not be intentional.

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