New Bug? Stopped Healing!

It seems like you frequently get the “Stopped Healing” message now when you are trying to heal, even with no DOTs, bleeds, etc. ticking and no weapons equipped. Seems to be happening since they changed the wraps. Starting healing again (potion/food/etc.) seems to fix it. It also seems to affect food, wraps, potions – everything.

Anyone else seeing this?

were you crippled? when cripple wears off it interrupts the heal. known issue but from my experience not fixed. i havent had the chance to play a lot lately, though.


I get it when I use wraps. Looks like it’s connected with cripple effect that wraps apply when removing bleeding.

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Also, I believe the patch notes stated that healing wraps/bandages can be used while in combat now, but I find this simply is not true. I have tested them over and over, and the healing is constantly interrupted regardless of damage adds or not.


It seems that they just do not heal be it in battle or not, but thanks Crom they remove all the bleeding instantly at last. It’s more than enough for me.

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This issue still persists

The healing is unimportant. The fact that the bleed is removed is important. You can just use better heals after converting bleed to cripple with bandages.

If the heal effect would work correctly, the item would be slightly overpowered. Since set antidotes do not heal too.

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So then theres no point in using the wraps vs the simple bandages, corrrect? I agree the bleed removal is more important, simply pointing out what was supposed to work as opposed to what works.

I’ll test again tonight, and if more people could confirm that would be great. But my recollection is that, even with no effects showing on your character, all healing instantly stops if you have just been in combat. This is wraps, potions, foods.

Prior to the patch you could kite and use potions and food (just not wraps) and get healed up. No longer.

It could be related to the cripple effect or something, I will try to pin it down tonight. IT’s just a huge wrap/food/potion waste at the moment, since it takes multiple tries to get healed up before it sticks, meaning lots of wasted stuff.

There is such a point. Cripple effect from wraps is VERY short. Way shorter than with bandages. I crafted both and checked this today.

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It’s still possible in solo / co-op games. As long as you don’t take any kind of damages you can heal while moving or dodging with food and / or aloe extract.
I tested this afternoon, I was able to dodge to apply bandages to stop the bleeding effect then move to kite the tiger enough to heal most of the damages taken then re-enter the fight.

The heal is still for the same amount.

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