Gamebreaking acid arrows

That was my point. Meaning PVE players still have a reason to care about them.

Every post I’ve seen from a PVE player is saying leave them how they were prior to the hotfix patch. The only use they HAD for PVE was to grief other players thralls. Sadly that’s the same use in PVP. But now that PVE is hotfixed to avoid that they effect PVE 0%.

The dmg to NPCs is useless, poison arrows do more and don’t strip your thrall of armor.

Gas mask question was irrelevant. It’s PVE, unless there is some random NPC wearing a gas mask I’m unaware of.

And your final one is in the latest hotfix.

So please enlighten us on how or why PVE players would care or need to care about acid arrows.

You are allowed to use acid arrows whenever you want to, but they only affect players and their thralls, other than poison dmg but you already have poison arrows fot that.

Its a lot easier to craft than acid arrows :stuck_out_tongue:

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You just answered your own question. It damages your own thrall through a gas mask and strips your own thrall. And I wasn’t aware the hotfix was already live on consoles. Pretty sure you can stack things like gas, acid, and poison arrows too.

Its one cloud per area from my testing. Which means one tick per second. These don’t seem to stack or overlap on an existing cloud.

So you have a cloud in one area and the acid arrows seem to overlap them. But they overwrite the existing cloud. But that does not stop you from blanketing the entire area in clouds.


  1. water orbs negate the acid. Washing it off essentially.

  2. Ymir Arrows could add a splash water effect like the orbs. Making them useful for a change and giving them a reason to be made. So add the water orb effect to them. Have them wash off the acid.

  3. Least favorite would be having healing arrows negate acid. They take Aloe and Aloe was used to treat burns.

Either way. These are my suggested counters. Even in their current state.

edit: or. Add one sloughing fluid mixed with water orb to make cleansing orbs. Soap orbs essentially.

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No clue if the hotfix is live on consoles. They have to go through a cert process to deploy patches on console.

But back to the point. Acid arrows in their original state or their current state don’t affect PVE players. In their current state they don’t affect PVE-C players other than “hey don’t stand in a cloud when PVPing”. But in PVP even in their current state of costing more and doing less they are 2-3x less time consuming than repairing a SINGLE thrall’s armor presuming the thrall doesn’t die and the armor isn’t lost.

The acid arrows effect thralls on PVEC from what I have read. They initially always did and I havnt read anywhere else that they have changed that.

My server seems to have sworn off their use. So we don’t see them.

I’ll test on one of my poorly armored suckers and report back.

So what you do now is go after thralls with Set Masks. Then you use poisonous gases. And then you gas out the masses. (The humans are dead.)

First, Barnes, my apologies, since I do not PvP, but I do not understand what you just said. I can’t find any advantage of the Set Mask over the Flawless Epic Heavy Helmet for a thrall.

What am I missing?



thralls can be poisoned the same as players with gas clouds so PvP players will have their thralls with heavy armor from the neck down, but just a gas mask on, no helm. If you see a thrall with no gas mask and you have a shooting perch then he is a dead duck.


Thank you, Ranson. Understandable since I used to play on a server that allowed friendly fire. When I joined this server, everyone laughed at me when I equipped all my thralls with a gas mask. :blush:



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What @Ranson said. Many players equip their thralls with Set Masks, which have the durability of wet paper. The arrows eat the mask way faster than anything else, so you gas them and take what’s left of the armor. The rest was a tribute to Flight of the Conchords.

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The change was that acid arrows will not do damage outside of the PVP window.

  • Acid arrows no longer do damage outside PvP Raid-time

Yea, Just remove them from the game. Those acid arrows (even when nerfed) are just way too broken.


But PVE C has PVP time. Will it work. Or only on PVP servers. That’s what I’m not clear on.

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On PVP and PVE-C during PVP time acid arrows will do damage. Outside of those PVP active timers acid arrows should do no damage according to the patch notes.

Its the PVEC part that’s making no sense as our thralls can’t defend.

Rather silly


True but better than what it was before were someone could at any time just come strip your thralls of gear.

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