Are you serious about the damage of Acid Arrows?

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  1. Attack someone’s well guarded base (10 silent legion armored NPCs T4 from vulcano)
  2. Fire 3 Acid Arrows (Which took me 15 mins to farm) and pull all 10 guards into a cluster
  3. Watch all guards loose their armor and be easily killed be me (solo raider)
  4. Facepalm at Funcoms gamebreaking implements yet again

It takes me 90 seconds to ruin a defence that took the defender hours upon hours to build.

  • T4 vulcano thralls guards
  • Materials for silent legion full set + gas protection
  • Mats for weapons

And i just find a stupid place to fire arrows and make all the guards hug my safe location. Using arrows i spent 15 mins farming mats for (btw, i used 3, and i got mats for about 300 in those 15 mins)

Funcom. Are you serious?

  • Offline raid protection for solo players back to zero

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Hello @Jengster, thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with us!

We’ll be relaying this information to the developers for further consideration in regards to this mechanic.


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