Feedback acid arrows

Idea is cool…but
I think it’s too OP against thralls, because we know how simple AI is


Hey @Vaul2501

Sending your concerns to our team so they can look into it.
Thanks for your feedback.


more here, these arrows are way too strong. you basically can get all thralls naked (and their weapons gone) in like 3 arrows.

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i agree. I read both Conan novels. No acid arrows in either. And no one knew they were getting raided. And the catapult was the ulta weapon. No giant gods that only people with no lives have the hours to get.

The other issue not addressed here is the acid arrow works just like gas. Meaning it will go through walls. We all know our Thralls love to wall at the walls towards the enemy outside. So not only are the arrows going to cheese any thrall defense they are going to do it through walls as well.


Read both books of Conan by Robert Howard. No acid arrows in that.

You drew my attention to the fact that it’s a cloud. I’m playing TL on my laptop with lower-end graphics so I’d thought it was a blob/stream, like from the Remnant. A cloud makes no sense.

Totaly agree…
they are way too OP against thralls,

The cost of 1 Set of Epic flawless Armor with weapon
The cost of 3-4 acid arrows.

Why not make an orb version of the acid arrows so that you have to be up close to use them? Or maybe a trebuchet version?

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I thought the problem with Acid Arrows was that they did cause durability damage to Thralls, which was a big problem for smaller Clans and Solo Players who depended on strategic placement of heavily-armored Thralls to defend their bases while they were at work, since without Heavy Flawless Armor, most Thralls will die swiftly due to the way their AI currently functions.

Thralls do lose durability on their shields now, I have noticed, and once the shield’s durability is depleted, it vanishes from their inventories. RIP all my Flawless Heavy Steel Shields …

If we’re adding Weapon and Armor Durability loss to the equation, then we’re basically signing the death-warrant for the Thralls since the Acid Arrows, as they currently seem to work, can be mass-produced far more cheaply that a full set of Flawless Armor, Weapon and/or Shield and can penetrate walls similar to Gas Clouds, meaning that it becomes entirely possible for a single Raider to troll an entire Clan by killing off all of their ‘Guard’ Thralls from an extreme distance without destroying a single structure.

God preserve the Forums for the sheer, incalculable amount of rage when the legendary Corrupt Alpha Clan-meme folks figure out a combination of Acid, Gas and Explosive Arrows could allow them to level another player’s/Clan’s base at range without a single hint of retaliation, and worst of all also allows them to completely destroy all the hard-won and costly gear said Thralls had been outfitted with.

Rather than a cloud-type damage, why not have Acid Arrows be the ‘precision’ Base-Destruction projectile in contrast to the ‘indiscriminate’ destruction of a Explosive Arrow? There’s no gouts of flame or explosion noises, just a slight ‘ting’ and a steady hiss as the Acid Arrow(s) begins to melt away at the structure block they hit, rapidly causing a deadly but short-lived DoT effect to the structure block they hit, allowing a Raiding Clan to create a pin-point break in their enemy’s defences, or to stealthily weaken a key support-structure so that when the time to actually raid comes around, all it will take is one or two Explosive Arrows or Trebuchet shots to take down this critical structure quickly without the defenders even realizing they’ve been fatally compromised?


So you support basically every build now having to be 2 foundations thick with no out facing Thralls, all Thralls will need to be inside from now on otherwise they’ll just be killed from safety. So basically there is no exterior base protection anymore.

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Maybe we can get more admins features to adress ACID:

I think you’re right, there will be a mass production of these arrows if they work like they do actually.
Some clans have the manpower to grind the stuff, ever if pricy. Then smaller clans or soloplayers will again have a hard time.

It’s still a price to equipe all thralls at a given moment in game, especially again for lonely players.
Maybe make them an exceptionnal drop just, with a very little chance to get them. So they would not only be pricy but rare, and people would have to think twice before using them at all.


tames that can be poison arrowed down

Guard towers can be built in a way that direct fire requires you to be within range of the archers. Making it at least somewhat defensible. Acid arrows create a cloud which means you can shoot at the base (the tile the Thralls are standing on) of w/e is guarding and still acid arrow them down. Making such guard towers useless.

And I say all these with experience dealing with griefers. Our builds have gotten better to make it more difficult. Now I know nothing is 100% defendable. And I accept that. But my hard work shouldn’t be cheesed by someone else with no risk.


Sure, if acide arrows, they should never create a cloud like you said.
Maybe a little splatch around the impact point, but that’s.
While i think the most arrows in game are cool and fun, the acide ones i’m really not sure. In my eyes they don’t fit really well in the world.

Think you missed the point. With acid arrows these guard towers are now useless as all they have to do is splash the cloud at platform the thrall is sitting at.

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I think you guard towers are just one aspect of that. Others may try defend and other way.
Still i understood very well you post and at what you pointed. Simply for me it doesn’t make lot sens that acid make a big cloud. Or it’s considered as gas. If it would just affect the hitpoint and around, first you would need more arrows, and could not just shoot the plateformes.

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