Pve-c/ acid arrows and thrall armor

How do we protect our thrall armor during pvp time (on pve-c) if they are attacked by an acid arrow? Thralls guarding bases can easily have their armor broken by a few of these arrows.

Is there any defense minus being consistantly online during pvp hrs to defend against a sneaky player? I can’t seem to figure it out.

(A player could remove all thrall armor then kite a boss to destroy guarding thralls… or even use an acid arrow through a wall to kill a sleeping offline player since gas masks don’t protect the player)

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I’m missing something ? On PvE-C thralls cannot be harmed by other players…

The armor CAN be broken and kited bosses do kill on pve-c. I tested it last night

I was waiting for this thread :slight_smile: Despite the feedback given, the arrows were added in their original state. I expect more people to soon realize the impact :slight_smile:


Those arrows are ruthless! (But cool!) I wish there was a way to counteract it offline and for thrall armor.

the only way appears to be keeping them indoors and having thick walls

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Oh I was waiting for first bug giving a new weapon in arsenal of trolls :expressionless:

Thralls should be indestructible by players, if their equip is not like this it’s a bug.

Well, on PvE-C the impact is not so devastating because:

  • On thralls: player was able anyway to use bosses to attack you, so your base had to be walled and your thralls placed inside walls even before. They could now destroy the armors… without personal benefit… just a troll thing they’ll do for sure, but it’s the only real new threat.

  • On players: Sandmask do not protect you against venomous arrows + fire arrows explosion, so if your logout room was not designed in a good way you was able to be killed while offline during PvP time even before this update.

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A well armored set of thralls with decent weapons are able to defend against a boss kite fairly well.

You’re right about the explosive arrows and venom arrows…i forgot about those.
(Edited because I can’t read)

Yes, if ALL the thralls you have in defence are good and equipped this way.

Being impossible to fast kill “outdated” thralls, this usually never happens: there are usually some good defences (able to kill a boss) + a lot of outdated /decorative defences defending a base.

That’s why best solution was walling the base to… protect their defences until they’re really needed (during purge time).

Normal walls against boss-tactic (1 height + fences ) are useless against this new threat, but I repeat: who uses it is an exploiter, because this is a bug I hope it will be fixed soon.

Well… sandmask protect you against gas arrows (poison gas effect), but, just like orbs, if you throw a gas arrow and an explosive arrow in the same point you’ll obtain a large explosion, used usually to crack meteors… or to kill enemies offline while PvP time is active.

Because you’re not protected by sandmask against the combo of the 2 arrows.

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Who knew logging out could be so frightening when one really thinks about it!
Decides to sleep in a vault at the bottom of the Mariana Trench


I didn’t think the acid arrows could effect thralls on PVE-c. If they can it is a huge oversight as the buggers can’t fight and target players back.

At least in PVP they have that luxury.

I play an archer and I was firmly against these arrows for all modes of play.

Boss dragging has always been a part of PVE-C and most players dont even need to wall in their bases because most bosses can’t handle the damage output from thralls pets and well placed archers.

These arrows could be a game changer I guess for PVE-C.

But these should be reviewed as on PVE C thralls are basically dead fish against other players.

Exiled lands are barbaric, always at war, lands, not a picknick paradise after all :smiling_imp:

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Yeah, it only affected the thrall armor at pvp time but not before (unless I missed something when testing). It was weird.

True (when they do their work instead of smiling at the boss without fighting it :sweat_smile: ). But I hate the idea someone else farm boss keys using MY thralls and pets, so our bases are walled anyway :imp:

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True enough. I get you on that topic.

But if PVE-C is going to become a game of coming home each night and making new armor for thralls then its going to be a giant ball of boring.

I like crafting as much as the next player but if it means harvesting just to dress up my paper dolls…Ill download the Kim Kardashian mobile game for android.


Lol… but I love to dress them anyway :cry:

Ok, seriously without jokes this time.

I know trolls / griefers are everywhere, but what’s the point in spending your resources just to make someone else spending resources to dress thralls without being able to gain something in the process ?

If really they’ll do massively, well… I don’t think 7.4k/9k hp thralls really need epic flawless armors to be effective except your follower wich will be placed right near of you when you logoff in a safe place of your base.

They’ll do anyway just to make me losing my time in re-dressing them in $hitty armors ? They’ll lose anyway more valuables resource than I’ll do.

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