Thralls lost their armor and weapons in raid

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Can someone tell me how my thralls lost their armors and weapons during raid?

Attackers threw / fired gas and something else and then all my slaves were naked and unarmed.

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Are you playing on private server?
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Acid Arrows maybe. The durability damage that acid arrows cause can and eventually will break thrall gear


Does acid arrows break weapons too and make group damage? There was 6 full gear lvl20 berserkers and 2-4 other thralls and they all lost armor and weapons.

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Not sure about their weapons, but acid arrows function like weaker poison arrows that damage durability. However, the items in question will be broken, not missing. If the gear is completely gone, then it’s probably because of hacking. What does your event log say?

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I guess you are a victim of hacking, gather all the info you can, stop giving information here because it is against the rules and provide as much as possible by filling a ticket in Zendesk. If you want these persons to be punished. I am really sorry my fellow exile you went through this, help all the others by reporting them. I know that these persons will always find a way to ruin other peoples fun, yet this is it, if we won’t report them how they’ll stop?
And again, Welcome to the forum, please stay for more, there is not only disappointment in this game, there’s fun too. Hope to see you around again in the other posts :+1:t6:


Acid arrows damage the durability of armors and weapons and enough acid damage will give the appearance that the armor and weapons are missing as they are too damaged to be equipped. If you check your thralls inventory then they should be in there and you can repair and re-equip them. If they are not in their inventory then something weird and suspicious has happened. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for all the answers. I am no longer a member of the attacked claan so I cannot view the report. The thralls equipment was completely lost, meaning nothing was visible in the inventory. I also tried to ask one of the attackers how they did it but he didn’t give me an answer.

I’d probably change servers.

Well, at least you still have your thralls. On 6107, a PvE-C server, I had 6 of my best max level and fully geared thralls just up and disappear. Nothing in the event log either and I know they didn’t die to mobs, because they are surrounded by max level pets too, all of which are still there. So, it wouldn’t surprise me if someone found a way to hack thralls and even steal them, because I don’t see any other explanation.

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No i don’t have my thralls anymore. First they get them naked then wiped our whole base down. +200h gaming gone. But thats passed and now we rebuild a better base and hopefully next attacker plays fairplay.

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they played fairplay they just used acid weapons, or acid arrow


Not on officials :wink:

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So the arrows of the thralls melted inside their inventory :thinking:.
The sandstorm masks melted but the thralls stayed alive :thinking:.
Sorcery is already in Conan exiles, wow how did I miss that?

acid arrows will break them… i see it happen a lot, ppl just throw on some armor the get from the camps on the thralls and not repair it… sure its gonna break with just a few shots from acid arrows…

Wow, you must be a real Einstein :laughing: Of course I raise the level of the thralls first to lvl 20 and then I put some miserable armor on them. Thank you for your contribution to this discussion.

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