Acid on Serpent weapons lowers durability of following thralls gear

I recently noticed that my thralls that I’ve had follow me are losing durablity on their weapons and armor. I spent hours trying to find something on the internet in forums to explain why this was happening with no luck. Until today, it occured to me that maybe the fact that I’ve been using serpent daggers and swords with an acid effect might be the cause. So I swung at a thrall wearing freshly made vanir heavy armor that I posted to guard with the serpent swords and nothing happened. Then I commanded that same thrall to follow me and swung again, the acid effect applied to the thrall and the chest piece went from 1310 to 1306 (I’m sure other pieces were effect as well). I’m not sure if this is intended but it should be addressed.

Is it a PvP server? If yes, then intended. Friendly fire is a thing to be aware of on PvP servers.

Yes it is a pvp server and yes I realize friendly fire is on but other players who have been playing Conan for years tell me that gear doesn’t lose durability on thralls. I would assume that it’s unlikely yet not impossible that this would come up in a search or be something that other players didn’t know about.

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Ah - that sounds like two related, but slightly different pieces of information - it’s possible the long term players are PVE players (in which case, no durability loss for thralls would be normal), or it’s possible they’re PVP players but referring to the fact that thralls do not lose durability on weapons and armor from PVE activities. Acid as a way of reducing/removing thrall armor is something PVP players do use quite often (I’ve seen many comments about using acid arrows to remove a thrall’s godbreaker helmet so that they can then use gas arrows to kill them). I would guess that’s what you’re seeing here.

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