How it possible to break armor on thrall?

How its possible thrall to break his armor , i just lose 3 pieces of my thrall set… when he was on him. The whole set when from 100% durability to 20% armor and pants and the rest 3 pieces are broken.
Its that something new… or bug idk.

i noticed on some of my thralls it happens and some of it doesn’t so i am not sure if its a bug or not.

Is it PVP or PVE? There are Acid Arrows which damage armor on players. Can’t they do the same for Thralls? Or they say there is some “Acid” debuff from some Eldarium weapon in IoS.

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Its PVP server… and it happen in maelstorm boss fight. But in general i have notice that not after every fight but still verry often the armor in my thrall is losing durability.

Maybe those bosses produce “Acid” debuff as well?

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Some of them for sure… but after a skeleton fight with normal atks… why did the armor brake… ? And why it brake when its on a Thrall

your right i notice it is when i fight the storm mobs the most it happens… like all the thralls i use to farm the greater ??? them are the ones armor is getting broken

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