More Admin settings to counter balance problems

Sometimes we see problems with balancing. To counter that, give Admins more settings.

Can we get Admin functions

  • to modify (Fire/Physical/Explosive/Acid/Magical) damage for each source type*
  • (Fire/Physical/Explosive/Acid/Magical) resistance of every receiving type*


  • own
  • own clanmembers (Friendly fire)
  • NPCs
  • NPCs(Tamed)
  • Wildlife
  • Pets(Tamed)
  • others…

Settings for damage given and taken and for HP are already existing for players, NPCs and monsters but not for pets and Thralls. And there is a Setting for friendly fire.

@TwoJay true, and I am aware of these settings. It would be great to have a much more detailed settings.

For example NPCs should be usefull for base defence, but not for slaying bosses.

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99% of balancing problems usually occur when specific weapon A is doing too much damage, while specific weapon B is underperforming. Since you are proposing to adjust damage by source type, I can’t see how this slider will help with balancing.

This is true - but the thrall with his heavy armor and tons of hitpoints still acts as a tank while you can do the damage to the enemy. Even at 50 % NPC damage, thralls are reasonably effective at hitting, and no boss I’ve fought (I haven’t tried the two new dungeons yet) gets even close to killing the thrall unless I try to be helpful and try to apply Sunder to the boss and end up cracking my thralls armor because the two-handed hammer seems to hit an unintuitively large area.

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