Thralls are OP - Thrall damage should not be tied to npc damage

Continuing the discussion from (bug) dedicated server settings - cannot adjust minion damage and damage taken seperate from monsters:

Hi @Ignasis- on 23th April you made follwing answer to the request/post above
Thralls damage is indeed tied to NPC damage. We’ve raised this suggestion to the Devs but at the moment they’re focusing on bug fixing and some new content

In my eyes this feature (Thrall damage is tied to npc damage) is very annoying and not good for the game experience.
Whats about the suggestion to add a separate multiplier for thrall/pet damage and damage taken from NPCs for thralls/pets? And if that doesn’t work, at least tie it to the player damage and damage taken.
Is there any roadmap for this problem?


If thrall and pet damage (taken or given) is marked by the NPC setting, then Solo/Co-op takes another hit. How can we increase the damage taken to the high HP bosses in the game without killing the only thing we have to help us take down this over-HP’d target?

It doesnt take any hit if you will be able to adjust the settings for Thralls/pets with their own seperate settings. Then you can adjust them how you like - from easy to barbaric.
On our dedicated private server we actual play with harder npcs and monsters. They have more hp, take less damage and give more damage. We always were wondering about the overpowered Thralls/pets on our server - now we know - its becauseThralls damage is tied to NPC damage. This counteracts our settings towards the monsters/npcs. If you take a thrall with you he will slay the whole camp for you. Thats too easy. It kills the game experience and the fun - there is no chalange anymore. We want to nerf those thralls/pets. It should be more dificult and death threatening, also for thralls. Therefore we need seperate setting for thralls/pets.
We want it more difficult - others want it easier.


I would have to check but I thought there is a settings for thralls damage taken and given. If so does that effect monsters and npc witch also have damage plus minus settings have not really experiment with those settings

The point BiJay is making is that in order for NPCs to be challenging in the wild they must hit hard and take a lot of damage. When they’re turned into thralls, there should be some variable in place that lowers both of these upon conversion. This could then be custom-configured for the Single Player game, or Co-Op.

Ya, I agree with this. I don’t even see a mod way to separate them out. If anything, Thralls can always be stronger then NPC’s because Thralls benefit from armor and weapon stat bonuses. While NPC’s do not.

You completely misread on what BiJay was asking for. Solo players who want an easy experience would only benefit with being able to control Thrall damage and NPC damage in separate sliders.

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I think I did not misunderstand. I believe I was agreeing that the current situation is not good. My words fell as they did as I do not know if what he was saying was actually happening. I never thought to test it. If it is, then it (the current situation) is not good for Solo/co-op players.

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I just woke up so will give Foggy agreement . Thanks for the info

Hey @TwoJay

Unfortunately it has been put on hold for a while as our team is focusing on bugfixing and new content (which you can check out in our recent Testlive patch notes).

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Is it possible to get this point on the Trello board?

The current Trello board we have right now is for bug reports. In this case, this is more of a request/suggestion so it wouldn’t fit in there.
We are however keeping track of it internally and our team is aware it would be an interesting new implementation.


@Ignasis :pray:t3::pray:t3: Please really consider this.
IMO it would fit perfectly to the overhaul of the thrall/pet system the Devs certainly already working on. :innocent:


Like still, players are different, so are the wishes they have.
Options are the best way to go.

There will never be a setting fine for each and all, so giving players the choice is the best. Actually it’s very limited what we can do, that’s right.
Also separate mutliplier would be a bargain for singleplayers.


So doing some Private server setting on PS4 G-portal, there are seperate settings for NPC damage given/taken and “Minions” damage taken/damage given. If i am correct it is possible to adjust the server to the following…
NPC Damage Taken reduced
NPC Damage Given Stays as is
Minion Damage given reduced
Minion Damage Taken Stays as is
Player Damage Taken stays as is
Player Damage Given stays as is

To me if this is working properly, would make the player the “hero” and reduce the roles of thralls but keep them balanced when fighting NPC’s.

Interesting, WhatMightHaveBeen, I would have thought that G-Portal settings = solo PC settings.

No minions here, unless I missed something :slight_smile:



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Yeah, i don’t know if they actually work per say. I could give it a go, because i am in the midst of purging my server, and starting anew.

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I remember the minion settings, this was a thing a while ago.
Not sure if they just remain from then.

Still it’s linked, npc and tamed thralls.

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Unfortunately the minion damage settings are not working and the Devs said they never did. They considered to introduce it in EA times but never did. That’s because you still can find these Settings mentioned on forums and pages related to Conan Exiles.


thralls are completely rubbish not Op at all , you can literally knock the f out of them and kill them so easily while they are in dream land i dont know if this is a bug or intended but they will stand there look at the raiders and do sweet nothing just let themselves be knock unconscious and kill ! totally useless ! so i dont agree thralls being Op

Punisher111, you have been running into a bug that has plagued us for a long time. It’s quite random and under different ‘circumstances’ does not happen at all. Many workarounds help, but none fix the problem for all users, so, the root cause is unknown at least to us.

Unfortunately for us, it has, appropriately, taken a backseat to the griefer/duper problem that is denying many, many people from accessing servers and I hope that Mondays patch will fix that and allow movement in the ‘unreliable thrall’ area.

The point of this thread was an attempt to allow the private server admins some level of control over thrall damage, not to generically reduce the thrall’s OP nature. Different strokes for different folks, so to speak.

Some (who understand the nature of the thrall bug and for whom the workarounds are effective) like the way they are now. Others, not so much. Diversity is key in this game.

Sorry you have not experienced the OP nature of thralls in the world. I have, sporadically, and agree that they are overpowered.