Thrall and Pet Damage modifiers

From what I understand, their was a setting for Minion Damage and Damage received you can set, but they no longer worked as of 2017. The issue with Thralls is they are way too tanky, do way too much damage, and apparently everyone on official even private servers just has their thralls take on world bosses, dungeon bosses apparently? And so forth.

I and my partner decided to finally play Conan Exiles and rented a server for 3 months, likely up to a year if thats how long it takes for us to see and do everything, placing our server under adjusted settings along with a few mods and the lv 300 paragon mod. I have it all set perfectly save for one thing, I cant adjust our minions, and we like having Thrall A.I partners to follow and fight along with us. But we both feel completely useless as players when Thralls are up to 5x tankier than us and does 5x more damage, depending on what type and rarity the thrall is.

It just seems absurd that, after looking at forums, players have been asking for adjustment sliders solely for Minions that actually work since 2018. Its 2020 now and still nothing was added for it. It honestly ruins the whole experience, leaving me and my partner with two options. Use weak Tier 1 thralls only, but even they when leveled up with decent gear can outdps and take way more dmg than us. Or we dont use em at all.

I just dont understand how you Funcom never placed adjustments, working adjustments for Thrall and Pet Damage. it seems like a critical thing to have, you MUST have noticed on the official servers at least how everyone just uses their thralls to fight bosses, and to even do the PVP for them since some thralls can one shot a player regardless of how high that players armor and health is.

If we had working sliders for thrall damage and damage taken. I would likely set Thrall Damage done from 1.0 down to 0.3. And Thrall damage taken likely from 1.0 to 3.0.

Please add this, it should have been in the game for a long time now.


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I have a ps4 server with gportal and didn’t know till this week that those settings didn’t work. Why would gportal list and explain what it does if it doesn’t work? Another Conan Exiles mystery.

Yea it needs to be fixed.

I completely understand your point. But I am one of many that only plays pvp who will disagree with you. But I get it tho

Dont see why you would disagree spite PVP. Im not asking for a Nerf on the official servers, I just want actual, working, adjustments for them. I will have to say though they way they are now by default, they are way too powerful in a PVP setting, I seen solo players do absolutely asshat things to other clans, and when those entire clans try to retaliate by blowing to kingdom come everything that solo player has, they find that solo players base loaded with max leveled, named Fighter thralls that one shots everything and anything.

Thats grossly unbalanced. If people have to rely on Thralls to do the PVP for them instead of thinking of strategies and smart fortress layouts, they honestly need to git gud. This is Conan Exiles, not Conan Pokemon.

Regardless. All I want is working modifiers. I dont understand how the game does not have it yet.

At first I was surprised by your topic. This setting has been there, but closer inspection showed me it has been removed.

But yes the first building I make tends to be the Animal Pen. Because Hyenas kick ■■■ so hard I wonder why I even play a human.

it won’t be

Well it should be. Its stupid how near everything else can be adjusted, but they ignore this? Thats extremely lazy.

I have posted a similar request a few times. Even though the minion modifiers in the code are legacy, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t address this need for the community.

In my opinion they should have a whole new server options section for minions that lets see we owners adjust several attributes, from starting stats to progression and xp needed. Even any hidden modifiers should be editable.

As much as I like having a thrall fight with me, it‘s really strange, that you‘re pretty much useless in the meantime. Even with Predatory Blade your damage is negligible compared with your thrall.

They should help you not make yourself useless.

Balancing is a true problem in CE :confused:

Pretty much the only thing I can do to balance it as close as I can, is set NPC Damage taken modifier from 1.0 down to 0.3. Then raise Player damage accordingly which was at 0.7, taken it up to 1.5. Players now do about the same damage, but now since thralls are influenced by the NPC Damage modifier, they are doing far less dmg themselves, about the same as Players now.

But now thralls literally cannot die unless perhaps its a 1 or 3 skull boss. Obviously this wont affect damage towards players either, so almost useless to do for PVP oriented servers.

But theirs nothing I can do to fix that. Thus why I wish we had modifiers.

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