Using Minion Damage done modifier does nothing

PVE Server
Issue thats been going on for about a year or so now

[Describe the bug here]

Its as I stated. It seems theirs no way to adjust Thrall or Pet damage without affecting all other NPCs as well. I tried Minion damage in the underlying server settings I use Gportal but it has no effect. It seems Minion damage taken however does have an effect. The thing is, thralls are just too powerful as they are and its harming the experience for me and my partner. Sure we could NOT use them, but we do like having some A.I companions with us as we go about and do things. But christ, we can put a stone weapon in their hands and they still do more damage than we do with Steel Weapons.

Funcom, why has this not been addressed yet? I seen posts about it dating back to 2018, even had moderator responses on it, yet, nothing happened. Would it really be that difficult to add both the Minion damage done and taken sliders into the game client and make Minion damage done actually work?

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.I go into Server settings Via G Portal
2.I adjust Minion Damage Done
3.I go ingame to test.
4.Freshly spawned Thrall from Ice area, lv 0 can take a white tiger 3 Skull down to half health before dying, in nothing but cloth and a stone spear weapon. Spite I set Minion Damage done from 1.0 down to 0.3.

I just rented a server for 3 months cuz I finally wanted to experience all of Conan Exiles with my partner now that its complete. If I knew this absurd thrall damage was a thing, no way to adjust it without gimping all other NPCs, and its an issue thats been ignored for over a year now, I would not have rent the server. Please fix this.


Hey @Alexandrious

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The minion damage modifier is a legacy setting back from Early Access that was discontinued long ago, while the command has been left in the code. It has no functionality.
Apologies for the confusion.

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Then why is their no setting for thrall and Pet damage that does not interfere with all other NPCs? It seems like a very important setting to have so server owners can balance things as they see fit?


Because very little people care about that, i’m afraid.

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That cant be true. Ive seen the threads of it, everyone just uses thralls to do all their fighting for them both PVE and PVP. Its become a game of Conan Pokemon.

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Yes, there are threads. And most people preffer to watch their thralls clearing all content / not using thralls at all. Its sad, i also want the same as you, but doesn’t seem something in the near future. But do it, everyone is welcome to add their suggestions in here :slight_smile:


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