(bug) dedicated server settings - cannot adjust minion damage and damage taken seperate from monsters

Game mode: [ Online private ]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [ PvP ]
Region: [Americas]

Cannot adjust the damage of thralls and pets or the damage they take separately from the monsters in the server settings. I have done extensive testing and the toggle for NPC damage and damage taken applies to thralls. There used to be a setting called minion damage and minion damage taken, but they do not work.

This makes it difficult to create a more hardcore server. When I adjust up the monsters, it also buffs the thralls. So players can take a T4 fighter thrall with them and it basically negates the increased difficulty.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Creat dedicated server
  2. Adjust setting for NPC damage and damage taken
  3. No setting available to adjust thralls separately from NPCs
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Any chance this may get addressed?

IMHO, player thrall damage should just be tallied the same as player damage.

Having thralls and pets linked to the player damage and damage taken would be much more preferable than linking them to the monsters and NPCs.

Same problem, seems to be universal (dedicated and co-op)

MinionDamageMultiplier and MinionDamageTakenMultiplier are ignored, breaking our hardcore PvE server.

We have greatly increased NPC damage (5.0) and greatly reduced player damage (0.2) to make combat very challenging and difficult. But tamed Thralls and Pets now also do 5x increased damage, defeating the purpose. We want tamed minions to have similarly weakened stats as players.

Hey there,

MinionDamageMultiplier and MinionDamageTakenMultiplier have not been active settings in the game since 2017. Thrall damage is currently tied to player damage, although we can send a suggestion to our devs to reconsider adding an additional setting to regulate their strength separately.
Thanks for your feedback.


Hi Ignasis,

My tests seem to indicate their damage is actually tied to NPC damage, not players. We experimented by changing the NPCDamageMultiplier and NPCDamageTakenMultiplier from 0.1 to 10.0 for comparison. In both cases it affected tamed Thralls’ damage output and damage taken.

By contrast, PlayerDamageMultiplier and PlayerDamageTakenMultiplier had no effect on our Thralls or Pets.

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As will Cromling, I too have tested this on my private server. It seems their damage is linked to that of NPCs, and not the player. If it was linked to the player then that would be acceptable. Thanks Ignasis for replying!

Oops, my bad! It is indeed tied to NPC damage.

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Could you suggest the team add a separate multiplier for thrall/pet damage and damage taken from NPCs? That is the ideal fix. If that doesn’t work, at least tie it to the player damage and damage taken.


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Agree, the minion-sliders do little to nothing and thralls/pets should be linked, or have a separate settings than wildlife and npc’s.

Hope it will looked at in futur.

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I confirm. The damage and damage caused by npc/bosses also applies to slaves and animals. If we increase the damage 10 times to the boss, then the damage from the slave also increases 10 times.
How to find a way out of this situation?
There is a multiplier of the number of health bosses and npc that does not affect the lives of the player and his pet slaves …

NPCHealthMultiplier = (increase the health of bosses and NPC not work to pets and slaves)

C: \ S2 \ DedicatedServerLauncher \ ConanExilesDedicatedServer \ ConanSandbox \ Saved \ Config \ WindowsServer \ ServerSettings.ini <- modify the file

Practice, the boss and the NPC are 2 times stronger and it should be done so that the slaves and pets also take more damage as the player:
a) NPCHealthMultiplier = 4.00000 (increases the health of the boss, npc)
b) NPCDamageMultiplier = 2.000000 (we increase the damage of NPS, bosses, pets, slaves by 2 times)
c) PlayerDamageMultiplier = 2.000000 (increases the player’s damage 2 times = 4(a) divided by 2© )

We have achieved our goal, the Boss/npc deals x2 damage both on the player and on the slave and the pet.
Player and pets/slave on the boss deals x1 damage is dealt. Mathematics 1 class =)

I am also concerned about buffed thrall damage (from buffing the NPCs) to other players in PvP. A fully tricked out captain or spinas will one shot players if you buff the monsters to make the server more challenging.

@Takisa, Unfortunately like the Minion* configuration, the NPCHealthMultiplier appears to do nothing in the current version of the game. I have tested with it set to 0.1 and also to 10.0. I did not observe any change in the health of NPCs, which took exactly the same number of strikes to kill either way.

Any chance you can see if the dev team will add some functionality to the server settings that will allow us to adjust thralls and pets separate from the NPCs/monsters?



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We’ve raised this suggestion to them but at the moment they’re focusing on bug fixing and some new content (see the Testlive forum )

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