Regarding Thrall Balance discussion: A new server setting

This is a copy paste from a reply in another thread:

I’ve read it suggested that a server setting to scale up or down player Thrall&Pet damage would be great and I agree.

If this is the route the devs want to take, they’d first need to either buff pet damage to match high end thrall damage or blanket balance thralls down to pet levels of damage (probably this one).

(Reason being mainly because the gap is huge between the two, to the point level 20 pets do 70ish dmg. Vs thralls doing 240ish dmg. at level 0 with a starmetal weapon. For reference, this is based off of the “hidden” damage multipliers players discovered in the dev.kit on pc. “Firespark” has a video on it)

With this done, servers could have it so thrall & pet damage dealt is more on par with players as per it being multiplayer, (on official servers, pve & PVP alike) while single player could vamp it up on lower level difficulties, due to solo play.

Before people mention solo players on servers, the argument is invalid in my opinon. These people choose to play in that environment. The servers purpose is multiplayer, not single player, thus it settings should reflect it.

There already is a server setting. It’s “MinionDamageMultiplier” and “MinionDamageTakenMultiplier.”

The problem is that the default is probably too high (I’m guessing people who are complaining are on official servers), or maybe they’re on servers where server admins turn it up even higher. (A lot of mods screw with settings, turning things up higher).

I think the other big problem is that thralls get equipment. The other day, I was testing things in single player, and a Fighter III in iron gear got absolutely destroyed by mobs in the unnamed city. However, I know that same Fighter III with some legendary and level 50ish gear, could tank those same mobs for at least 5 minutes (if not longer), in the server I admin for.

I think to make thralls “useful” Funcom probably made them much more powerful than players. By default, named thralls should probably be exactly the same as players (max level 60, same damage, etc) and the weaker thralls should be scaled down (and have lower level caps). Then, if server admins want to increase this power, they can. Even this might be too good, but from what i see right now, the average named thrall has way more HP than a player.

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