Suggestion for Thrall/Pet Balancing

Hello here my friends. My first post here actually.

What made me make an account and wanting to add a post here is this : Thralls apparently are too strong in PvE and PvP. I think most people would agree to that.

Do they need a nerf ? Yes. I guess they do. What would be the best way to implement that nerf ? Well…here is my suggestion to that :

Make it customizable how strong thralls actually are. There are so many fancy sliders in the option menu regarding how much damage a player takes, how much damage NPC’s deal…and so on…why not add one for Thrall HP and Damage ? Maybe even add one that applies only during PvP hours. So thralls will be very strong in PvE Time, but nerfed when PvP time starts. This would be perfect for solo / PvE Players since they can talk to their admin / adjust themselves HOW strong they actually want their thralls to be and perfect for PvP for servers where Thralls are too strong or serve as good town/ base guards outside of PvP time.

Another thing i would like to add : Please buff the primate/elephant pets. They are extremely underwhelming right now. Even a normal hyena does more damage than my silverback/mammoth…i mean …seriously ?

That is all.

With best regards


EDIT: Also the undead pets…why are so many pets so frikkin weak? The carnivore Greater Pets kick butt, but all the other ones are bottom feeder scrubs…at least make all the ultra rare pets close to each other in strengh. Otherwise, obtaining them ( which is a grind / chore honestly ) doesn’t feel rewarding. It’s an empty feeling…

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