Pet / Thrall Balancing

i think it would be a great idea to buff pets, since thralls (especially fighter ones) do a lot more damage and got more defense if you give them a mid-lategame armor/weapons.

its actually sad that everyone just run around with their relict hunters because they + some other fighters are overpowered. (while pets are looking sooo much cooler :smiley: )

i think pets got a huge potential if youre looking at their debuffs or moving in battles.
for example the tiger: it applies 2x blees on its jump attack whats great… but after that jump no more bleeds are applied on normal attacks until it uses the jump attack again.
now have a look at a thrall with daggers, after like 30sec you will see your opponent constantly having 20 stacks of bleed on it.
just this little example shows how much stronger thralls are, and we are not even talking about armor, vitality or “raw” damage per hit.

would be nice if we could use pets in the future in a same efficient way as we do it with thralls now.
because they are looking great, got a lot potential and shouldnt just stay in the pen for producing dung! ^^

if you got another opinion about this lets discuss! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the comunity. Nice post. I am sorry i don’t disagree with you :joy::joy::joy:. Still when i managed to lvl up a greater Saber tooth to 20, it had 440% damage boost. Isn’t it enough? I never had a thrall that had more than 40%

hehe ya in numbers the pet damage looks better in this way, but having a thrall equiped with end game armor and a legendary makes the thrall deal a lot more damage. hm lv6 thrall for example deals about the same damage than my wolf :confused:

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Put that Sabre against any higher tier thrall ( t4 nordheimers, cimmerians, treasure hunters or even buccaneer bay fighters) with good armor and weapon and that Sabre will drop dead before it is able to even get the thrall down to half. I think pets need to get buffed( maybe make them specialists at dealing debuffs) who’ll thralls as a whole should be dropped down a peg across the entire board. Balance them out.

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The overtones in taking thralls is troublesome to me and I only journey with pets. I’m a solo-offline player and the rebalancing update was about the worse thing I think could have happened to a player like me. I never used the Admin panel and only raised what I caught and ended up with several greater pets and all that effort and time was thrown away without regard to different player types.

Now I’m back at the River Biome trying to level up my new greater wolf and it is immensely boring. I thought about starting all over with a new character but I was almost to the volcano and hate to think I’ve wasted the last 2 years with this game.

OK, rant over (No. I don’t think I’ll ever get over Macho Grande).

Bottom line is the pets do need more love from the Devs. I see where they will be able to add attributes and/or feats when they hit level 10 but that is taking forever. We should be able to equip them with gear to expand their inventory or even armor. Both pets and work station thralls should have the option to customize so we can change and/or dye and paint their clothes and/or fur.

Does anyone know if there are Admin ‘cheats’ that will level up pets faster?

Don’t get me started on the horses but here’s a hint…it’s a waste.

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