So Pets did not get Buffed yet?

I read in the patch notes they were due for a buff to be useful again. Well if they were buffed already try again, cause that junk ain’t tricklin down fast enough. My Elite Aesir Wolf just died to two street guards in Sepermeru, so useless still guys.

Wolves and Cats got nerfed…

This update basically nerfed most pets, so that Funcom has a clean slate from which to start buffing them, in order to get them right. Or that was the idea I got from what Dennis and Andy said in the livestream a few weeks ago. The buffs should follow in the future. Hopefully.

Yeah, at the moment we’ve only received the first part of a larger pet rebalance. Canines and big cats got a nerf, and weaker pets got a buff. We’re still in the preliminary stage of a multistep process, so don’t expect this to be the final product.

That said, didn’t think that the nerf would be that severe. I’ve been leveling thralls recently and was just about to move back to leveling a few of my pets. Maybe I should delay that until the rebalance is a bit more complete.

Yeah. Especially since we don’t know whether the rebalancing will affect existing pets; depends on how it’s done. The nerf, as far as I understand, was done by touching the “hidden multipliers”, which should affect existing pets as well as newly placed ones, but the thrall remake changed the thrall stats, leaving legacy thralls untouched because their stats were already fixed in the game world.

So yes, I wouldn’t spend too much time and resources on leveling pets right now.

I like pets but made of glass. Just not worth the pain try to get a greater and then baby it to 20 and still get rocked. They are cosmetic fun

Well, hopefully the next step of the rebalance is coming soon, i.e. before AoS Chpt. 3. It’s because it’s only the first step in the process that the next step needs to happen relatively quickly. Fingers crossed, etc.

I’m wondering if they got linked somehow so when you balance them against thralls they all would balance out accordingly

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