Pet/Thrall Nerf Question: Checking

Just wanted to check that I have my facts straight here, because real life has been intolerably busy in recent weeks, and I have not had ample opportunity to enjoy the update to its fullest. If memory serves me correctly, I thought I read that only thralls would be affected by the Update 3.0 rebalance and NOT pets, is this correct?? The reason I ask is because my poor level 19.5 Tiger has seen his vitality drop by around ~50%. Am I confused, have I misread somewhere, or is this a bug!? Could anyone please shed some light on this for me. Here are some before and after images below.




However as Dennis told us, depending on your character settings, your followers can be even more powerful and/or tanky than they ever were.

I’ve shown this in a few videos:

I recall reading about thralls only, so it seems that whoever is in charge changed their mind. Pets were nerfed too, contrary to what was initially stated. All of their damage and hp was reduced by 50%. It was very unnecessary in my opinion. Does anyone think Shaggai Horrors needed a nerf?

Post 3.0, thralls are now “balanced” around min-maxers, so only the players that single-mindedly focused on top-tier damage or hp thralls and top-tier armor speak favorably about the changes. The rest of us who leaned more towards role-playing were ignored.

Some of us prefer thralls that are top-tier in other areas like being very “pretty” with big body parts. Some of us never cared about Beastmaster Teimos or other high-stat thralls, but sadly, a decision was made for all of us.


Actually based on Dennis’ statemwnt, it looks like Pets, i.e.-non-humanoid followers, were not intended to be nerfed along with Thralls. It was outlined by @Multigun in his developer stream recap.

I will check the update notes after work and see if there is any mention there.

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But Dennis also said all that was subject to change. And if “Their health and damage in 3.0 remain about the same…” then it should have been obvious there was going to be some change. :wink:

The stats you get from pets is derived from their wild versions. If they weren’t nerfed, then they would tear up your thralls in the wild. This is why the change was made to adjust their base stats and let Authority buff them to previous levels.

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