Well....crap Thrall plans completely undone

This is just putting out there for jest and discussion/jabbing.

OK so as most of you know, I had big giant plans with undead sorcery and yada yada yada as I collected witch doctor undead and got my archers and handful of hooman thralls to balance it out…well the update did the following

  1. All pets (and undead count as pets) that had old armor calcualtions got nerfed hard in the armor zone because grit is the new way and since pets didn’t have grit, they are all zero…so the undead with effective heavy armor is not sitting with effective light armor
  2. Apparently all the thralls have the same issue with the grit thing but not as bad since they have armor
  3. My archers’ armor went from accuracy bonus to …follower bonus (WTF?)…doable but wow…I have to redo all the armor for the archers…at least I didn’t have the plan fully staffed or that would have been 32 sets vs the 8 that were wasted.
  4. The teleporter vertical footprint was larger than planned so the entire storage bunker had to be redesigned for the PVP server experience. This is what i have been working on for the past week after advancing my sorcery on several servers.

So I got new ideas with the zombies and working those into the plan now that I know how freaking awesome they are.


Ya the armour affect on pets makes them even less so viable now. Nice to have a couple for Rp purposes. But I wouldn’t spend anytime on them anymore. Even thralls given the time needed to level has very minimal benefits. Helpful still but the player is now the focus. And as much as I like having pets and thralls the time spent leveling doesn’t yield any benefit

A wise barbarian always tests the viability of his builds in SP prior to farming for them :sweat_smile:

It may well be less noticeable on thralls, but my pre-3.0-level 20 got turned into mincemeat pretty fast in fights post-3.0 thralls take on the chin. I’d say keeping an old one is probably not viable in either case (of course old-style Undead are not replaceable to there’s that).

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Thank you for this!
I wondered "why my pets die so easily? I put 10 into authority, have them delicious foods, but they died like level 1 warriors.
So I spent the afternoon/night letting them free, spawning them back, leveeling a bunch to 20 with stats that are as close to the original ones as possible, then using an unbelievable amount of potions of rebirth to fine tune them even more precisely. :laughing:

You do realize that I posted a fix for single player / private servers for this right after the update? :stuck_out_tongue:
@rolee9309 need to be more perceptive :smiley: You could’ve double-clicked a file and saved yourself all that work.


Uhm… whoops!
Well, next time a change like this will happen, I’m gonna use this instead of f** myself in the arse.

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I’m going to say that if you’re capable of that, you have no issues with either Grit or Agility already!


But I don’t have the charisma :frowning_face:


Ouch that’s harsh. I can handle rejection in general but from myself… big oof!

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The, um, “attribute” was renamed Authority. Although it goes by a different name during character creation.

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In the next life, I hope I will get some “extra points”!

Old thrall- still kicks ass with authority build, thats 20 into authority

Heres a brand new one from noob river- shes gonna be even better-Grit -100%

As long as they can get to 3k+ health without armor.

Hmm, I don’t think she will get that 3k health though, but even if she does, she’ll do similar / less damage as a bearer, so I wouldn’t necessary call her better, but I guess it can work as purge defense to keep NPCs busy while you get around to killing them.

Here you go and shes 16 took about 2 hours- :innocent:

All thralls get legendary weapons with kits btw- just sayin!

That’s better than expected :slight_smile: but her damage will sadly still be horrible compared to the old thrall

It doesnt matter there are two of them!

Im the damage dealer not them as it should be

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Lvl 0 greater hyena has 1000 armor with stat perk…

I have a lvl 12 greater hyena with 1400 armor
Pets scale extremely well with the stat perk and are stronger than thralls

Yeah, I got myself a Frigga Falsehope, and she’s badass. Not Cimmerian Berserker level badass, but she does just fine against mid-tier world bosses etc.


Yep and thats the intention.