I hear thwy are nurfing thralls...why?

so, i love what we are doing with the thralls. But i was reading somthing the other day that discussed thrall strengthbefore the up date vs now. And it showed that they are significantly weaker now. No biggie i tested it myself to find out that it is true. But then i read a blog from a guy on a test live server testing thrall strangth. And they are making them even more weak… whats up guys. If you want to balance out the tralls you should just make it lossable for a player to solo some bosses. Because. I am sure a lot of you are like me. And dont have friends to play with. So please keep thralls strong or make the bosses weaker. Thank you.

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The reduction in thrall strength and durability is 30 to 40 percent. That should still be enough to defeat any boss in the game, provided that the player does their part in the fight too.

I cant beat bosses with the tralls now. How is a 30% to 40% going to be any better?

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If some of 3-4k t3-t4 hp thralls geared decently can beat Bosses back then… (yes some of bosses got harder, even then 5k+ should be fine)

I wouldn’t call it a nerf. I’d call it a toning down. Thralls were at a 7… got dailed to 11, and need to be brought back to 7 or 8. XD

If its only 40-50% pull back… that sounds pretty good.

You have to put a bit more effort in your fights. the easy way, get lian from the heirs of the north, get him epic heavy str armor and a star metal 1h axe, feed him with 100 gruel in his inventory and i assure you, even with 40% hp and damage reduction, any boss is gonna be a cakewalk for him.

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No offense but it’s not fun being in pvp fights and getting 1 shot by someone’s thrall, I hope they hit the thralls hard with the nerf.

I will give it a try. Thanks.

Best make that a 2-H star metal axe or another type of 1-H axe (dragonbone perhaps?). Since there isn’t a star metal 1-H axe.

Just wanted to clear that up.

True, that could be any 1h axe from DLC though, if no DLC are avaible, try with a mace or a greatsword.

@MediocreFox here’s a video from Firespark from test live server bosses will be nerfed to

Yeah, i feel like i posted tbis a bit prematurely. After seeing what all is happening. Funcom is doing a great job, and i have been playing since the Beta. I reapect them for having a platform for the fans.
This is a really good way to balance the game, so solo players can still have a fighting chance and it wont make the thralls useless. Its smart. When i posted the topic, it was only a thrall nerff, i had just lost a thrall to the giant glowing skeleton in the unamed city, only to log on the next day and be compleatly wiped. So a lot of anger went into the original post.
Again thak you all for helpful advice, and a game developer who actualy listens and cares about the game, the fans, and where we want the game to go in the futer.


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