Reduced thrall damage to players

I think the thralls are amazing but should be nerfed towards other players. You really don’t have anymore fights with other players, it is mainly running from thralls, trying to get swings in and not be hit from thrall. I was in full heavy, 40 str / 40 Vit and the thrall just melted me…

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Please do not take this the wrong way but really more request for nerfs, it seems this community is always asking for nerfs instead of learning the way to work around it. Or caring that maybe some of the community do not want every weapons, armor and thrall nerfed.

Yes lets nerf the thralls further, really why even have thralls at all, just be you in the middle of a desert. Man again nothing, I think really remove all thralls and maybe just maybe people will not have any thing left to complain about the thralls. So do not get thralls and stop the nerf nerf, you all have them nerfed to useless now for other then PVP, get better boys and stop calling for more and more nerfs, thralls are about useless now. Or learn to dodge, just cause you can not beat a thrall is not another reason for more nerfs, geeze.

One comment its they are to weak, next its horses are over powered, next its PVP cant play against thralls then its nerf the weapons as one person can not play with this sword or wait the thrall is too tough instead of not fighting and learning when to walk away it another lets nerf something as when you have no chance to win its nerf thralls again. Because pvp player brings a better thrall to a fight is not a reason to nerf thralls, have an idea lets make it so NO thralls out in the world, make it so no followers allowed on pvp, there thrall problem fixed for you all.

Rest of us who do not play pvp can finally just play our game with out more nerfs to every weapon, to thralls yet again, or any other fun part of the game changed every other time we play because no one can make up their minds what they want. Have heard thralls to op, then thralls to weak, then op then weak , geeze make up your minds.

IMO its every other month a new request to nerf or change thralls and its always cause a player can not find a way to beat other players so call for a nerf instead. No wonder funcom can not fix the bugs they are to busy redoing thralls and weapons to suit all the nerf requests.


I’ve always said, nerfing is the lazy way out. Add to the game, don’t subtract from it.


Please take this wrong, this is not a PvP game only.
The rest of us play a different play style.
They just nerfed a pile of bosses and now they are easy.

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You do know he said against other players. Which means PVE would be left alone. Not that it may be possible, or that i agree/disagree. But see “nerf” in post and jump on the poster. We need to nerf our responses and criticize/respond to the actual post, not what we think it means.


I agree. I will use Tecmo Bowl iii (very old American football game on SNES pre madden days.) as an example. The game as fun as it was was based on 2 stats, speed and power. Best players faster stronger, not smarter.
My brother and I are still in progrees (about 85% complete) of updating the old 30 team ROM (1993 rosters) to 32 team rom (2020 rosters). When we hacked and started, our first order was to ad AI (run and pass IQ) as well as ways to identify what positoin they play, and “star” status compared to others. The “IT” factor if you will. This has opened up a better overall game in our opinion and even others that worship the game. By doing this, we didn’t have to nerf bad players speed and power to popcorn levels. We just made players smarter in their AI routines, but at the same time left enough of the original idea of what Temo was… We had to really work on it, but we ADDED attributes areas for players to accomplish this.

So to your point, nerfing is not the best answer. Funcom should add AI of some sort for every named Thrall at least. Have some fighters better with certain weapons, and some armors better against certain weapons, as well as temp areas effect the ability of thralls… Create more scissors paper rock when it comes to thralls and less “dumb” tanking AI.


Thanks for the responses. I like the idea of thralls, please don’t get me wrong, I just feel like they are becoming the focal point in this game and it shouldn’t be like that. I think they should leave their health and everything alone, but the overall power against “real life players” should be toned down. They can easily had a reduced damage multiplier towards players.


I know one of the desires of one of the devs is for players to be able to command multiple thralls at once. We will probably want to see Thrall Damage reduced. Or rather their MDM and RDM’s probably removed.

Personally I think Thrall damage should be weapon damage modified by strength/accuracy at the same rate players get damage.

With the current boss HP, this would be entirely feasible to do without impacting PVE.

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Separate sliders for thrall vs. players and thrall vs. NPCs would be quite welcome. Presently, follower damage is tied to the NPC damage setting so it’s impossible to change the way thralls deal damage without affecting everything that moves that isn’t a player.


I do like me some choices and settings.

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YEah, ironically teh sliders are there on G-Portal, but the Minion one is inactive.

they could reduce damage to players … they will kill you instantly and player vs. player becomes boring …