Follower Thralls PVP

Please consider decreasing the damage done to players by another players follower. As it stands currently, a leveled and geared fighter thrall can nearly one shot a lvl 60 fully geared and buffed player. I believe that thralls should absolutely offer some protection, but should not completely deter another player from engaging in PVP.

If possible, I suggest that the damage is decreased for followers against other players only. They should not do less damage to mobs and they should not do less damage while guarding.

This change would make PVP more balanced. Especially considering how it’s not as easy to dodge an incoming attack as it once was(which is great btw).


a common and hotly contested topic which transcends just pvp situations.

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I’ve seen these threads and read players from different communities (PVP and PVE) opinions. I don’t see a problem with being able to solo a three skull boss. A lot of people’s play style is to roll solo. It’s just the “Thrall PVP” that goes on is not fun in any way. My intent was to make a suggestion that both communities could agree on.

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There’s HUGE difference between “being able to solo a boss” and what we have now, “I’ll afk while my thrall absolutely destroys anything i get it agro’d on requiring me to do absolutely nothing because somehow Thralls are the most powerful beings in the game universe.”

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