Thrall PvP damage to players

Does anyone know if Thrall PvP damage has been reduced with the new patch? Getting one shot by a thrall in pvp wasnt fun for me or the group of people I was playing with. Just wondering since I didnt see it in the patch notes.

Well, Scott Junior on the last stream said that they are working the idea of our character to be the hero and not the thralls. @Wak4863 have made a lot of test live videos about the follower 2 system, watch them, you’ ll get a lot of answers. Today i allready know what to do with my thralls because of this videos :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Thank you Wak by the way :+1:.

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I honestly just want to know if they reduced PvP damage to players. So if there is a yes or no somewhere that would be great.

That’s a no. There were little changes to thralls stats during this patch. Main changes were to tier 4 bearers where stats were increased as they should have been. Other then that the buff or debuff to thralls is something they are looking into for future updates.

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Thank you for the straight answer. That is unfortunate though. I guess CE is shelved until this is fixed for us.
Thanks again.


In the Stream, Scott stated they would do a pass (IE make a few adjustments) on this patch, but anything else would be next patch at best.

Another group of players gone, they were almost bankrupt before CE, and they seem bound and determined to wreck this game. It’s sad really.

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