Thrall nerf 1.52

Soooo so there any word on how severe the nerf was to thralls? This game is in SERIOUS need of separating PvE and PvP because nerfing something for EVERYONE detriments the community. PvE and PvP have their own, separate issues and as such, should have their own separate buffs and nerfs. There is literally ZERO benefit to anyone to nerf PvE thralls that we’ve spent WEEKS leveling. This is basically funcom spitting in our faces for all our hard work. It makes sense to nerf them in PvP, but they could’ve decreased the amount of damage a thrall does to PLAYERS and the problem would be resolved. I’ve heard people have gotten their thrall damage cut in half and I feel like they purposely didn’t include any numerical value in the patch notes on purpose. Anyone know?


The amount of Bonus Melee Damage per point of Strength went from around 1.25% down to 0.8096% or somewhere in that neighborhood. It does make your Bonus Melee Damage % look a bit smaller, but that’s just really a portion of the damage that a thrall does. No word on whether the Base Damage on thralls was decreased, but we don’t have actual hard numbers for that anyway. I suspect that the nerf hit the lower Factions harder than the upper ones.

So while I’m not a big fan of the nerfing, you might have to thank the people that were complaining their thralls were so much more powerful making them feel like sidekicks. I personally enjoy watching my thrall slaughter things, but ce la vie. As long as its applied evenly its a fair nerf so we just have to press on and the thrall has to get in a couple more swings before the red mother collapses…


For example, my Daicais went from a 74% Bonus Melee to a 48%, which seems like a bit but using a Sword of Crom that would mean he’s doing approximately 97 points less damage per hit (553 instead of 651).

I don’t know how strong thralls were before the nerf, but I just killed my first world boss… well my T3 thrall (level 6) did and took maybe 10% damage and all I did was watch.

So if anything I would say nerf them some more.

I don’t understand why we don’t have base values for anything and have to research and test all pf it ourselves just to get estimations. Firespark has a video up of some t4 base damages but still.

That’s bs. Literally no reason for this in pve. My thralls take twice the damage killing a boss that they used to. So now bosses that took about half their health can potentially kill them. :neutral_face:


It’s pve crybabies that mess the game up for pve players. Some of those nerfs are needed but STRICTLY for pvp and the devs refuse to separate the game modes. :man_facepalming:t5: This is the same thing that happened in ark and it literally ruined the game even more than it was.


Serious question. Do you take your fighters out to farm bosses and not give them food, and not bring healing arrows? I’m just wondering how it’s possible for any leveled up thrall to even come close to being killed by a boss unless you’re AFK while they’re doing it.

I don’t understand what you talking about, a good leveled thrall can take any boss easilly, what you want them to do? one shot dragons? pokemon barbarian edition? you want to play the game or you want the thrall to play the game for you? Don’t be offended, i literally don’t understand.

I thought that thralls where supposed to support players, not the other way around.

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I stopped giving my thrall food because they’re bugged/not implemented well and over eat, wasting resources. They’ll get in ONE fight and eat through almost an entire stack of gruel. Even then, the damage nerf basically neefed them as a whole since less damage= more time to kill= more damage taken. Have you not fought the scorpion or snake bosses? My thrall is almost at 15k and loses about half health in an encounter with them since there’s no way to legitimately heal poison on thralls.


There are values in the serverconfig to adjust everything. well… if you play on official guess you have to deal with it. On my own server i nerfed the damage output from thralls by 50% and decreased the damage output of hostile npcs by 25%.

Thralls are awesome. they shall assist you but not doing the whole job ^^

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Oh! Duh! I forgot there was a setting (this explains why my thralls dont seem to be any different…). I guess only the officials were actually nerfed and you can always boost your own server. Good point!

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If that’s the case, player damage should be buffed. If we should be the primary damage dealers, we should be stronger.


With healing arrows, it ignores the poison. Thralls are not like players, in that effects damage per second (bleed,poison) do not stop them from healing. So even if a thrall gets a 10 stack of poison, with healing arrows, it is barely noticeable on a 15k thrall.

Also, that is the point of putting food on them…to heal them. they will not eat it if they are 100% health bar.

What thrall nerf?
This game is so easy in PVE that i wonder why you guys don’t ask for a single button to do everything for you…

While i agree that you can’t have the same rules for both playstyles, i would say that PVE should be way difficult than what it is now, even in barbaric mode, is too easy, and thalls shouldn’t be that powerful,

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Why does it always have to be difficult? Some of us like the game as it is and we dont have the need to be the heroes all the time. We dont want to depend on other people either. Thralls are a signature feature for Conan Exiles. They shouldnt be nerfed to the ground as some of you demand here. If they are such a big issue for PvP servers, the new system can help with that. Set it so that pvpers can have 0 thralls and they can be the heroes and we can stop nerfing everything cos it is too op in the hands of a thrall on pvp servers.

I don’t think the current dmg nerf is that bad, i dislike the rng aspect of the perks. But nerfing them even further without touching our characters is something I must strongly disagree with.

Funcom promised a setting for the dodge/movement system. While movement is almost back to normal, we are still waiting for that dodge setting.


What are you going on about? A single good thrall can solo a WB on its own and barely lose all that much health.

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i know, some people just want to play conan sims, that’s understandable, but this game was supposed to be difficult, harsh, mercyless, that was the promise back then…

Is not about making the game impossible or way simplier, but to challenge the player while still making it fun to play…

Problem here is that different playstyles need different settings, and while that’s still not possible, having a middle ground should be fine… i belive that’s kind off what we have right now, imo, still too easy.

The fact of the matter is we shouldn’t be focusing on nerfing Thralls into the ground. Spitting in the faces of everyone grinding out the levels on them with a broken system. What we should be doing is addressing the Players power levels/perks.

If you honestly nerf Thralls anymore they might as well take them out of the game all together. That’s my honest opinion at this point.

I envision balance or as close to it as possible for all play styles. My system is not without flaw, but together as a Community we can refine these ideas and possibly come up with something incredible:

You want to see change, focus in the right areas.
Or we will all suffer for it together.