Nerf thrall damage) make thralls pve

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Absolutely no reason thralls should be able to one chop players. Thralls need a huge nerf to either 1) match player damage or 2) Make thralls PvE only. Thralls are killing the game for most PvP players as you can just aggro a thrall on to someone and run/Dodge and not even engage to fight.

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wait for the next update, they make a complete revamp of the thralls. we will see what happens xD

Why not take a thrall and do the same? o_O

But I am for it, if PvP and PvE should be handled completely different… Then the nerfs coming from PvPers wouldnt hit the PvE players so hard.

yeah wait for the next update xD 22k hp + even more dmg

Hello @g00dfit3m8, we’re moving this post to the suggestions board as it can be considered feedback rather than an issue report.

As there’s an upcoming overhaul to thralls, it might be best to wait until it goes live to discuss thrall balancing.

Does this overhaul include changes to thrall AI and behavior?

Lol I’ll quit. Most my clan is gonna quit regardless because the thrall bullsh** is just not fun. PvP is amazing in this game, but thralls ruin it for everyone.

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