Overpowered thralls

Fix one shoting thralls in PvP. The game is dead and boring now, especially after the roll update. Combat is busted, just hit and hide behind your lvl20 thrall that can one tap players. Thralls need a BIG nerf or taken out of PvP entirely.


Agreed, and not just for PVP!

This is most definitely a player power issue. They have nerfed the player several times.:paw_prints:

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I’ve only been playing for about a year but I do see that the players are quite weak in contrast to everything else.

Presumably to better balance out in PVP.

@Zeb both me and @Bryan_Skull have been going on about stat changes. I like the idea of changing stats bonuses, perks and other systems and Bryan likes adding more stat points per level.

I have also proposed having thralls be much less powerful to start and ramping stat growth so they end up around where they are now at 20 (or a little less).

Thing about any of this is it will need to be tested, not Funcom tested but test-live for a while tested.

As I keep saying though, make content for PVE and balance combat for PVP. If PVP servers need restrictions then build them in to the setting for those servers.

This is why I made topic a topic of buffing the players base stats and another on base stats rework. Thralls were already nerf/buff with level ups. Thralls don’t need a nerf. The players need a buff.


I’ve seen some videos of early access. Stone tools weren’t added yet, so you used your weapon on the dead. Players had multiple followers. I guess that was OP.

So now, there is one follower with levels. Isn’t it time consuming to level thralls, especially past 15?

Maybe the players are overpowered due to having more time online than other players. Should we restrict how much time each day someone can play? We know people binge on Netflix, so that isn’t the question. Less time online means weaker thralls.

In the most realistic sense players tend to be quite weak and similarly built characters will have similar capabilities. Gameplay experience is important as a skilled player can out fight other players and outsmart thralls.

What I would do is make thralls much weaker to start like I have said before and scale up more as they level. If its still a problem then turn off levels for thralls on PVP servers.

I don’t play PVP but I would prefer for the devs to adjust settings to acceptable levels per server type over the normal nuke it dead strategy they apply.

Yeah I think the player needs a buff, not a thrall nerf. Too difficult without a thrall if you don’t have a large clan.

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I agree!
In PvP thrall kill with one or two hits one player . Is ridiculous . Win First thrall hit enemy and not players skills.

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