Buff the players ,stop the nerf

I’m tired of players saying nerf thralls. Thralls are dumb A.I. whom can be study like dark soul enemies. Unlike dark soul enemies, thralls can be counter easy.

I’m also tired of blank needs a nerf topics. Every time a weapon,armor otr something useful to the player gets nerf. Conan gets kick in the balls. It hard engough to be a solo player or offline single players without a tribe. When something is nerf for PVP it hurts PVE,solo players and offline single player mode.

My big solution to nerf that or nerf this. Is to buff level the player health,stamina and encumbrance (carry weight) by 300 at level 1 and increase max stat points to 500 at level 60.

Don’t worry this doesn’t discourage builds. More unique builds would be possible and logical.

Why build builds when you can be OP at balancing stats? This statement flase. Right now you can put all stats 21. And that’s far from being OP. With 110 more stats points added the max balance in all 7 stats is 24 in all stats with 10 points left over to spend.

735 stats points to make all stats 30. It takes 1925 stat points to get all stats to 50. My math correct 275x7=1925.


I like this idea it would make for cool builds and more character development.

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I hope funcom sees this!

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More unique builds are why I want this added to Conan Exiles.

I feel you it sucks that in the end all lv 60 builds are so similar to each other because people making sacrifices just to do more damage. They really need to do something about this. Whats the point of having cool perks that are in the 50 attribute… Like the 50 survival perk , agilitys heavy armor to medium and headshots… Without sacrificing viable perks that you need in order to fight… Makes this game get boring in the pvp section and pve if you’re a roleplayer. We shouldnt have to rely on food and buffs only and armor everytime we want to fight also. Thats just tedious especially if you’re getting raided from a pvp perspective. Plus its dumb how the thralls are out there with more hp and firepower than the main player. Heavy armor also needs a poise rework. We need more post and support from people like you to let funcom now everyone support !

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