Buffing the player

I want to increase the player’s base stats, max attribute points and max feat points. This way thralls don’t need a nerf. I want players to build thier toon/created character the way they want.

Base Stats at lv 1 increase.

Health from 200 to 400. This allows you to not be force to invest in Vitality . Allowing you to build your own way.

Stamina from 100 to 200. This allows you to not be force to invest in Grit. Allowing you to build your own way.

Encumbrance from 70 to 200. This allows you to not be force to invest in Encumbrance. Allowing you to build your own way.

Max attribute points increase to 600. This way you get 10 attribute points per level. At level 1 you have 10 attribute points. This would also lower the gap between high level players and low level players. 390-115=275x7=1925 is how many attribute points to max out all attribute stats. Even with 600 max attribute points you still need 1325 more attribute points to max out all attribute stats. Meaning thralls will always have higher max attribute points than players.

Max feat points increase to 600. This way you get 10 feat points per level. At level 1 you have 10 feat points. Shards of power and tablets of power can ONLY be used by level 60 players. So an increase of around 110 isn’t going to allow you to learn everything. This would also lower the gap between high level players and low level players.

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The dev team wants us to spend points in agility. Give us more points then.

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3 points from agility potion, 8 points from the agility scroll, get a flawless agility armor +9, what more do you need?

The player getting buff so players can build the builds they want.

My idea would help everyone. As well as closed the power gaps a little. Players As of now are forced to put points in health,encumbrance,stamina and now agility. My idea frees 3/4 forced stats.

Terrible idea, if u want stats double play dedicated. Players are meant to have restat whwn changing from fighter builds to climbing, to encumbrance.
We dont need more feats, thats why they added the Tablet Of Power.
With more attribute points there is less differentiation between players.
Your trying to come up with ways to invest less points and gain more. These changes would be terrible in pvp.

No a terrible idea is force points in health,grit,agility and encumbrance. My idea frees the players to build how they want. Not how the dev team wants us to build. My idea closes the POWER gap from 1-60 by a little. Let me remind you I am only adding around 110 max feat points. That is 11 shards of power. Levels 1-59 can’t use shards of power or tablets of power. My idea would close the default feat power gap of 1-60. My idea is great for PVP,PVE,Offline single player mode,Dungeons and Boss fights. It does NOT nerf thralls. Which is a win/win for everyone. My idea opens the doors to new builds.

Ur idea is a good idea because you say so? Your so political.
Those stats are there to be buffed if they followed ur idea then why even have those 4 available for attribute distribution?
I dont believe the gap between 1 and 60 needs to be closed, as leveling only takes a couple weeks for new players.
As a pvp player i find i am already strong enough to combat nearly any NPCs minus the boss’s.

Personally i enjoy stacking the stats u recommended for buffing where others players may not and this can sometimes give me an edge.

I strongly believe, that we dont need extra stats, but dedfinitely need a change to some of the perks.

My idea is bad because you say so? My idea good because of data.

Those stats shouldn’t be forced on players. Player builds are created so players can freely build how a player wants to. When forced to use a stat the freedom is taken away.

The gap between 1-60 is huge. Powerleveling solo a pain. Powerleveling as a full team of 10 players is NOT a pain. Not everyone powerlevels.

The leveling system is weak for vitality,grit and encumbrance.

Each point in Grit adds only 3 points to stamina.

Each point in Encumbrance adds 7 more carry weight.

Each point in Vitality adds 8 more health.

These are small numbers.

How can you be strong enough,but need change to some of the perks? If you’re strong enough than the perks are fine.

210 more stats points isn’t making the player Op. It’s allowing the player gap to be reduce. The 10 stats and 10 feat points per level idea is a balance way to handle the huge power gaps from 1-60. It also allows for Thralls to NOT be nerfed. The power gap from 50-60 drops a bit.

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Date based on a pve player who wants to be stronger?
Im just here giving my opinion, not here to argue with you because your clewrly very touch on this subject.
Again, i personally believe that boosted player stats is completely unecessary.

PVE player? I played PVP in other games. You doubt my knowledge of PVP? Mobile suit gundam battle operation 2 was fun. DCUO is boring. Dark Souls was not fun in PVP. Ark annoyed me in PVP. Xenoverse 2 PVP was broken. I hate PVP. It bores me.

My data base on facts and numbers.

Buffing the player now saves us all a headache.

they just need to scale the stats better per attribute point on the player and nerf the thralls,

the base stats you begin with without attributes are fine, adding points into attributes needs to scale allot better though.

Increase base stats and more stats points/feat points to balance the game. My idea also allows us to build our created characher/toon to be build the way we want to. I want the chains on my CAC to be broken. Freedom is what we lack.

The default player stats are awful. The player is the weakest creature in Conan Exiles.

I’ma be honest with you. This isn’t a great idea. Even buffing base stats isn’t going to change anything. Oh my base health is 400? Well now I’ma just invest the same amount of hp and get and have 600 now. This suggestion is soley based on pve perspective Wich isn’t inherently wrong but if it causes issues in pvp then funcom isn’t going to go for it.

I play Conan olny single player and before thrall lvl system i was able to kill almoust all bosses alone wihtout help of any thrall . Only Giant tree boss for me is too hard .
I dont think we need more hp or stamina on start , but wee need increas hp per lvl not only from vitality perk pull , and stamina should be more then 3 per point also max lvl should be around 70-80 with more possibilities to grow instead of nerf perk like strengh to force player choose thral more offen .
Sorry for me english .

Acutely the buff the thralls got in the new thrall system broke PVP. My idea increases base stats to fix the problem a little. Slowly my ideas will balance PVP and PVE.

Before any changes like that happen, pve and pvp need to be separated. Run off different systems. But funcom can barely Handle throwing out a new patch without breaking the game, so highly doubt they will do that.

That process would be too costly.