IF you are making the player the main fighter?

Loving the thrall change, no so OP. Thing is, if you are trying to focus the player being the main fighter, it would be realistic to give them a tiny buff, For example damage taken / Damage multiplier. Or weapons get a buff or an HP buff. I’m personally a big believer in an HP buff. It would balance the game all round if the player had more standard HP instead of having to hit vitality 40+. SO if one wanted to, they could go around in a team of 2-3 and clear a dungeon without the need for thralls in any instance. I know this is already possible, but would make it solo able and it being done in a decent time frame.


Nope , we already have potion buffs for player buffs.
Every attribute for players can be buffed.

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My team already does this. But thralls lower my repair costs. Nerf or no nerf.

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I do, I get 52 extra attribute points.

More attribute points mods make you more powerful and frankly that’s why I like them, makes solo a bit more manageable.


Yikes this is a bad take. Characters are just fine, we shouldn’t be stronger than bosses. Bosses are bosses for a reason. I have zero problems with my build, and I could share it with you if you’d like something. It uses vitality, I know firespark told you not to use vitality but trust me you should.


Well ive got enough ability points to do endgame content with the current build. So whats your problem?

Buffing player characters? what do you think this is an MMO?

Gimme a break.

…this comment right here is why we can’t have anything nice.

The comment about getting stat buffs? Using parts of the game that are readily available to you to make you better at the game? What’s so wrong with that? Isn’t that your whole argument in favor of the OP thralls to begin with?

Bosses should be strong, but as a solo player I feel like enemies are generally too strong or player has very little health, especially if you don’t want to use heave armour and shield. I often just use admin setting to lower enemy damage to player health simply so that certain enemies are easier to solo. Now bosses should not be solo-able, but then you should get unit of thralls to help you out to take them out.

Arena champion solo with light armour, no shield, a 1h weapon and without the 40vit perk (i forgot to buff).


B-b-but muh thrall?! See, here’s the proof to all these PvE kids it can be done without it

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Well I would like to see a full video of you doing the full dungeon alone with no thrall. With the same set up, no changes no more buffs, start to finish. Cause do not see the fight with the 8 bone men and the buff Blue guy to get the key, as they all agrro at once now but cant as you cloaked till you got to her.

Because she was the only point in the video. Shes the hardest boss. o_O I think i can kill some skelly bois if i can beat the Champion

Also, it wasnt a solo but:

Well I do not know that, did not see it. I have gotten by her to have the War maker cut me in half so well for me its not one boss as many more dangers in that dungeon for the solo players, she is just one of them.

How much vitality did you have to be cut in half? I literally face tank the end boss in the same gear with poisoned daggers

Fights are easy when the enemy is susceptible to the stagger, hardly a good example.

Which is kind of my point. MOST bosses have some sort of vulnerability or weakness which can be exploited. She is able to be staggered, bled and poisoned. Facetanking and attacking every boss the same way will generally have poor results. I usually run this gear anyway, but im not going to use poisoned daggers against the undead Brute for example.

You should be specced and ready for the challenge


Very good fight, however, as a console player, we don’t have a hotbar where we can take 2 separate healing substaces and still have control of what we are doing. The radial menu is too slow, the screen is blocked out, and we cannot alter our direction of travel while in radial menu.

But awesome fight all the same.


Thanks bud. I agree the wheel is a little awkward. I sometimes use my Xbox controller when im playing and i do find it slightly clunky to do that too.

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