Player balance? full heavy one hit, oh damn!

Hello Everyone,

It looks like you have way to little hp has a player or ac dose not really work. When doing pvp a thrall with a ok two handed weapon can one hit you really easy and blocking with shield is not really reliable.

Is it because you don’t get enough hp per lvl or is it the Attributes that don’t give you enough hp or ac. I am not sure but there is differently a balance issue right now. The issues is also noticeable when fighting bosses.

My guess is that giving more hp to players might be a good start or looking at how ac is impacting a fight. Who ever gets the first stutter attack to land wins most of the time.

It can be hard to hit people but maybe making it easier to slow people. you could give the player a way to recover, this might be the better solution in pvp?

What do people think? Try not to be to afraid of change, because some times it’s for the better.

Yes. It annoys the crap out of me just how little protection we get from armour.

It would be nice to get the same damage reduction a thrall gets while wearing the same exact pieces of armour. (Even if it’s only from NPCs/Enemies but not other players).

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Are you sure the damage reduction is different for thralls?

Players can get to over 80 % damage reduction in heavy armor, and with the proper build, over 60 % in light armor (minus whatever the attacker’s weapon ignores). It would be really hard to increase this even further without making players completely invulnerable to some attacks.

Thralls are tough because they have ten times the hitpoints of a player or more.

The simplest solution against thralls with big weapons: don’t get hit. Thralls are stupid.

I would be ok with higher base HP and having the bonuses from vitality attribute lessened.

Might make for more unique builds if we didn’t want (need maybe) to put 30+ points in that attribute.

Thinking about how getting 2 shot by the Half-child with an Aoe that can’t be blocked and used multiple times in a row… shouldn’t kill you before you have a chance to backflip with knives in full heavy regalia after the first AoE.

Low player HP + this = bad day

The Half-Child is crazy. I think the problem is him, and not our hitpoints. (That said, the skeletors in the Wine Cellar hit like a Deathstar, too.)

Most enemies out there in the wilds don’t one-shot or two-shot us. Most bosses forgive the occasional missed dodge. That makes me think that it’s more likely an issue with the balancing of a few bosses’ damage output than in our personal resilience.


A cool down for that AoE would fix everything. There simply isn’t enough time to avoid the second AoE after the first if the Half-child decides to use it twice consecutively.

That’s the biggest issue.

A 2 or 3 second timer after the AoE bubble would prevent that.

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