Change armor that increases health by 47hp ect to a Percentage base instead!

As i posted before. But the original post got locked.
Thralls would greatly benefit more from this change as right now people are mxing and matching just the best heavy armors that gives best Strength weapon damage. And applying an illusion on it so it matches… And Since 47hp on a armor piece set isn’t much for a thrall that has HP in the 3000s. Most armors seem to have a HP/Stamina increase. This makes like less than five heavy armors even viable for thralls on Strength builds.

So Instead of armor giving 27 HP. It increases HP by 5% instead etc. This makes it universally more useful.

This wouldn’t nerf player HP increases. Because depending on a full set you could still see a net gain depending on how the % off player Health and thrall health is caculated. Players could see a 30% increase in HP and thralls would get 25% increase to HP too better than the 150 HP increase they get from a ful lset.

Thralls don’t need more hp which is why funcom guttered their health pools in 3.0


Yeah gotta agree that this would just make the issues of dominant thralls in pre 3.0 come back. I have recently been playing around with authority and don’t believe it needs changed much. The thralls are do fine if you are authority build.

As far as purges go, better building and thrall pot usage is still valid.

Pvp? Yeah no one counts of thralls because thralls are dumb rocks.

Now the armor meta stuff you bring up that dominates, you are just replacing 1 meta with another and will still be illusioned away.

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And like I said on your last post, this would make +health armors terrible for players with low vitality builds where these stat boosts are needed most.

It’s not a good solution to the “problem”, because I also agree that thralls don’t need more HP. I don’t see any point to running anything but +damage armor on a thrall.

No. It works the exact same for players. Unless you think it’s a good idea making “ONLY” Strength/Agility Heavy armor the only thing thralls should get?

Its a bit worse than that. Anything that isn’t Agility/Strength damage and isn’t Heavy is worthless for thralls. This makes the following sets* the only useful ones:

Dark Templar, Guardian, Hyperborean Slaver, Pictish Warchief, Stygian Invader, Stygian Soldier, Turanian Phalanx, and Ymir’s. When you cut out DLC, its Hyperborean Slaver, Stygian Soldier, and Ymir’s only.

How stats affect Thralls and the benefits of Light, Medium, or Heavy armor need another look and a redesign.

*I’m aware of individual pieces being useful from other sets.


I don’t play PvP so I have no need for absolute min-maxing of my thralls, but here’s what I do these days (unfortunately this works only on Siptah):

I mass produce the Wolf helmets and chestplates for my thralls. Well, for the important ones anyway. Those two pieces alone give so much armor that I can use less armored pieces with useful stat bonuses for the legs, hands and feet. So I can use medium, or even light, gloves and shoes. No point wasting perfected heavy paddings for gloves.

Then again, for PvE content I don’t really need to min-max my follower stats either, so sometimes I just slap together whatever I have handy that looks good on my thrall, including looted Cimmerian armor.

Its a little weird you bring up PVP when discussing min-maxing thralls, where PVE is where its most important to actually min-max thralls, not PVP nearly as much.


I’ve never found it necessary to min-max thralls for PvE. If a situation was already close enough that a 3 % increase in Strength, or a 100-point difference in armor, was a deciding factor, it was probably down to luck and random chance anyway.

Most PvE content can be breezed through with an adequate, non-optimized thrall. The stuff that can’t is likely going to kill even a fully optimized thrall, or it’s going to be hit-and-miss depending on some random variable in player performance.

When you play for several thousand hours. It tends to add up the few minutes per boss you save.

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Doesn’t sound like necessary to me. The time spent trying to find the perfect thrall, training them, gathering ingredients for Potions of Rebirth, etc. probably evens out whatever seconds you save per boss kill.

If you say so. I was able to go 1-60, get a few decent thralls to 20 (Dalinsia, RHTS, etc) with decent perks, full epic armor/weapons, and all that within the month of December on a 0.5x server. Didn’t take much time at all.

Yeah - its about the player though not the thrall.

Thats why many armors are health or stamina based- thralls dont use stamina.

Its why thrall health pools were nerfed to begin with.

Besides, their armor image can be changed to whatever look the player wants- again about the player not the thrall.

All these years people in here asking this and it finally arrived!
Then the complain was that the rare thralls die easy.
Take as much as Dalinsias you wish…
So low hp thralls and cheap best thralls!
We still complain :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

My opinion stand this way.
We are finally the heroes in this game! We can face everything alone, literally everything!
Thralls are occasionally assistants and pets, pets!
Thralls are good for purges and surges only and it’s all i need them for, nothing else!
I don’t know how useful they are in pvp now, but from what i see in several videos people don’t use them a lot anymore. So i believe that thralls finally gain their position in this game.
So all good!

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