Proposal for HP set bonuses

after playing with the new changes with how gear buffs have changed I realized that I really disliked how they got really limiting while also very creative, I do quite enjoy the fact that there are two different damage types now which make things a lot more interesting adding a new kind of diverse way of strategizing although one thing that did bring a lot of sorrow was how health type sets were really nerfed, being able to get big bursts of hp growth by wearing those types of sets on both you & or your thrall was really cool and made for a good counter option/argument to just using a damage type/strength set but now HP sets are basically completely useless to thrall and provide not so much of a great benefit to players, My idea to fix the issue would be to change it from a bold number boost to a percentage boost somewhere alongst the lines of 3% per piece crafted, +5% if crafted with tier 4 and legendry’s having up to 8%, of course that’s just my guesstimation but the idea itself of it being percentage based is my main point which I want to get across, I could just be the only crazy one here thinking about this but I do hope my words get a cross and leave some sort of impact somewhere. Thank you for reading if you have.

That was literally the purpose of the change, to prevent thralls having too much HP since they went after their HP primarily with some of the nerfs. Making health armor percentage based would just reverse that.

HP armor is actually GREAT for players and is widely used in various playstyles. The values might not seem like much to you, but they add up.
Changing it to percentage based would make it really unbalanced for players since it would scale with their Vitality and either be overpowered for high Vitality players and useless for low Vitality players

Nope, there’s been various other topics with the exact same suggestion

thanks for the feedback, seems like you might know a thing or two on the matter, are you perhaps oen who uses health orientated builds?
or are you some kind of experimentalist?

Aaaaa, I guess you could say that, sure…
And I use various builds with all sorts of armor and try to make it work, including health armor on occasion yes, though no longer on thralls obviously.

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Bonus Health armors can be useful in a number of situations. Depending on how you prioritize leveling up, you may put your first stat points into something other than Vitality. And if you’re going for a corrupted build, those bonuses, even halved, will have an impact on your longevity. At least until you have a reliabe thrall to hide behind.

absolutely, although it did surprise me to hear that people actually spoke of the change, didn’t think there were many or at least many enough to speak about the health sets since I didn’t really run into people who used or cared for them much in my playthroughs.

that is something that was quite interesting to see although I’m not the most informed/knowledgeable about corrupt builds, it does make a good point, although I will say I think stamina and damage sets might be a better off kind of mixes to use for those.

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