Armor type/attributes separation

Hi there,

It probably was proposed countless times, but I recently found it a bit disappointing, that wanting to actually enhance a thrall with some complimentary attribute stats, we’re more or less bound to use some specific style, as they’re given only by the specific set.

Why not go around that by either:

  1. Making the attribute bonus be applied by a separate item - either in the style of the current armour modifications (separate crafted item to be applied), or as just a separate module (i.e. - like the shield frame, or a weapon handle) to be required upon crafting the item.

This could be made universal, or only applicable to epic-level armor, so as to not unbalance the early game progression.

  1. Add additional “costume” slots to the inventory screen, that’d be responsible to control only the visuals of the armor worn by the player/thrall.

Point #2 would be probably easier and faster to implement, while point #1 would potentially open up additional gaming content. Imagine, that while we now have a total of +10 stat bonus per a regular crafted epic set, it might be possible to add some +3 (instead of the +2 now) stat bonuses then, in the form of some loot dropped by some bosses. Or - made the requirement for each stat a different material combination, to be crafted at something like an alchemist bench - or a completely new one.

Overall, I do feel that this might open up some interesting choices, encourage additional gameplay - and allow those among us, who care about both the looks and stats of our thralls. :wink:

May I ask for some feedback from you, the readers, what do you think about it? And especially - what negatives would you see with those proposals, i.e. - impact on the PvP community?

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