Custom armor attributes

Can I suggest we have some way of changing the attributes on all armors? Maybe make the attributes customizable for Epic Flawless only? Also, temperature resistance based on armor modifications for example cold protection with insulated padding upgrade.


By Crom! Great Idea!

I could not agree more.

As a player with an Encumbrance build, I am very limited by what armors I can wear, and where I am able to wear them. It’s a very limiting, frustrating feeling.

Essentially I am stuck with Light, Medium, or Khatan Imperial armor.

That means I can’t wear heavy armor when I am south of the high lands. It’s just, meh. Plus my armor looks rediculous for my tastes. I prefer silent legion (which is not encumbrance friendly)

So yea, please let us “modify” our armors as anyone on earth would do in the wild. It only makes sense that we would cut holes to let in a breeze (if we habitate in a desert), or stuff an extra layer of fur in our undergarments if we live in the frozen north.

And for that matter. Add “gem” slots that other typical games have. Give us all minor benefits, with some exceedingly rare possibilities for said slots if were persistent/lucky enough to find them.

“gem” slot (not gem, call it anything) - Adds 1 passive regen.

Could be hp bonus, move speed bonus, armor bonus, climb efficiency bonus, encumbrance bonus, damage bonus… ect ect. Endless possibilities, endless customization = GOOD FUN.

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Can we get this idea presented to the devs???. Surely they can come up with a way to get more use out of all the armor. I play on a populated official pvp server and only see people running around in like 3-4 different armor sets. Their are a ton of sets out there that look cool and people want to wear but because of bonus stats to unwanted attributes no one wears them.

Maybe make it so people can make each set in regular or epic then craft elements that can be applied to the gear in regular, exceptional, or flawless for whichever stat they choose.

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It’s been suggested a few million times by now. Dev response boils down to ‘yeah but we don’t wanna’

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