[QoL] Attributemods instead of fixed Attributes on Armor

Hello Funcom and Users of this forum.

I have an feedback to the armor in your game. there are some things that disturbs me and much other players where i talk to. On all armor on the game are fixed attributes, they dosnt let us wear what we want… we wear what me must due to this fixed attributes. And we craft so much armor and see then, oh, the attributes are bad and nothing what i wanted. While the Attribute bonus dosnt stand in the description.

An idea is to get this, are AttributeMods like the Kits in the game. When armor has 2 Slots, 1 for attribute and 1 for a kit, we where able to fit our armor bedder to our build and we can wear what we want.

When we can craft clean armor sets without fixed Bonus and mod it by our self, it would be awsome.
You dont need to write the bonus in the description, and i must no longer ask google, what bonus is on what armor. =)

Hope u enjoy my QoL Feedback and i would be happy when i can see this in an update.

Best regards, Hartkoa


I would love to be able to do this or transmogrify armor to have the same effect.

It makes me sad how many cool armors I have that I can only give to thralls if I’m willing to give up a +10 attribute bonus.

Same to me. the game has so much cool Armors and i cant wear it while the attributes.
I bought some DLC and the medium pictisch armor looks so cool to me, but has Survival Bonus.
So i cant wear it. =D

and BTW funcom, an optoin or checkbox to hide the helmet would also be nice.

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