Armor - Detach Temp + Stats

You guys made same nice looking armor sets. Please, give us a reason to wear more of them.

Separate out the Temperature Bonus and the Attribute Stats. Give them ‘mod’ slots instead. One for temp, once for attribute, one for our normal mod kits. Let us place mix and match barbarian barbie to our hearts content.

This has been suggested a million times. I fully agree with you. But the devs seem to be of the mindset that being able to see what build someone (probably) has due to their choice of armor adds value to the game experience.

Never mind that 90% of the armors are never seen outside of PvE servers.

They did say something about how they’d rather make all builds (and by extension, armor choices) viable, which I agree with in principle but in practice it’s just not going to happen. There’s always going to be a meta, and consequently one (or at most, a few) “right” builds.

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