Temp specific armors

There are armor sets i like the appearance of, but cannot wear outside of the temperature zones the armor is designed for. Why not allow players to craft armor padding that effects temperature ratings on armors, a cold weather padding and a warm weather padding would allow us to wear any armor in any temp…


If you play single/coop or run your own server, i would recommand you the mod ‘fashionist’.
It adds a vanity slots allowing you to set an appearece regardless of the armor pieces you are using for stats.

i would actually welcome this as it would help alot with the servers. and reducing the ammount of armor making. in fact this would actually reduce all armor by like half taking up slots. but then again TW mod did something pretty cool we use gems for temperature control … best move we ever did … so its like fashionsta but still same idea as what you have.

I play Co Ex on console…and dont use any mods in any pc games i play either…i feel like if game devs wanted the modders content in their game, they would have put it there themselves…and who needs poo like Ironman, flying around in Gta?..modds open windows for hacks to original software…i prefer an unadulterated version of what game devs design…its their game, concept, design…who are we to decide the mona lisa would look better with a moustache? …imo

There are games were devs create it with the intend to habe it modded by the community. Conan Exiles, amongs many others, is one of this kind. It is part of the vision the devs have for these games. Integrale to thier core design.

And the anti-mod view and speech you is
1 a copy-paste of the greedy publichers speech who cant imagine player getting smothing without them getting a cut.
2 misconceptions. You don’t get to ironman flying around in gta online if you dont want to. In fact you only get to see it if you purposefully make the necessary actions to. Meaning, you dont see modds on public servers/intences.
And, the absence of modding doesn’t make games more secure. Good coding and ressources do. Mods can make it some what trickier to secure a game. But the devs pretending they can’t get mods on there game because of security, or can’t secure their game because of modding, are either lazy, incompetent or parroting their greedy publicher who doesn’t to pay for the additional costs. In either case, they are lying.

Funcome wants conan exiles to get modded. And they even put in the game stuff similar to or inspired by what had originally made by modders. And i hope vanity slots will be one of these features.

And by the way, the Mona Lisa DO looks better with a mustache, but only when its sharppy’ed.

Easy fella, no need to kick and snort…just expressing my personal feelings as to why i dont use mods…i didnt speak in an ‘anti’ mod tone i think…didnt make any judgements, or try to persuade anyone to not use them even…seems like a sore spot, maybe stop scratching at it…

Oh and you mentioned that funcom wants mods…have you personally read that from a funcom sourced post someplace? Just asking cause you spoke in definitive terms…

It also seems like funcom has placed into the game, things inspired by suggestions post from ppl whom were not modders…

Are you a modder, by chance?

They actively encourage modding by making it possible and providing the tools for it. The Dev-Kit is openly provided by Funcom if you bought the game on Steam.
You speak of modding like it’s some kind of evil wrong-doing, meanwhile the Devs create new ways with many updates to mod the game (like specifically saying in the dev stream that they added functions so people can actually mod it easier).

Mods can keep games alive without having to “pay” extra upkeep because the community itself is pouring work hours into it.

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That’s true, kind off, but not all mods are about placing ridiculous things in the game, like thomas the tank engine, or every animal with the face nicolas cage.

Some modders have a serious knowledge of what the game needs and can be improved and they make a fantastic job doing so. Not all though.

But, some mods cover things that this game should have had since the begining.
i like to play with some mods, that offer little more to the game withouth breaking its already broken gameplay.

Aren’t you contradicting yourself a little? On one hand, you want to play the game as the developers have envisioned it - yet you don’t like it the way they have envisioned it so you’re asking them to change it.

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Sure, if you perceive it that way, thats your perception.

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