Temperature Plating

What if you have a specific outfit you want to wear in a certain biome but it’s either too hot or too cold?
What if we had Temperature Plating?
It can be placed on already modded outfits, and there are varying tiers of this plating.
Light, Medium, High, and Epic Plating.
It can change the temperature resistance of an outfit, depending on the level of the plating.
The Epic Plating for the Cold Plating could be crafted in the Frost Temple.
And the Heat Plating crafted in the Volcano.
What’d you think?

I’m pretty sure the way the modded system works doesn’t allow for adding or removing addition mods. Also, some armors are just going to be hot or cold to wear and, over all, I think the temperature “bonuses” for armors is pretty good, save for the Turian DLC. If it’s modeled after an Arabian or Islamic theme why it gives a bonus to cold is beyond me.

I would like to be able to choose which stats my armor boosts though. The stat boosts on basic armors (+1 per piece) seem arbitrary and maybe I’d like a bonus to my Accuracy in Yamatai.

But, that goes to the modding system s there’s likely no way to make a bit that is +1 to a stat AND have the existing mods work.

TL;DR I don’t think the mod systems supports multiple mods on a single piece so it’s an either or sort of thing.

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