Armour mods need balancing (currently most are useless)

Hi. I think armor mods need some work. I just think they’re all mostly useless, except for the armor flexibility kits. In fact I think its the only one worth using. Also I think we could add some new mods for armor too.

For starters, armor plating upgrades. They are totally useless. with the best ones and 5 of them, you only gain a small increase of 15. Really. This is worthless, not even worth considering.

As they are now, each tier gives the respective amount of armor
+1 +2 +3

I think the value should be changed to +5 +10 +15
This makes them more viable at every tier, and actually would be useful at the highest tier to put on light armor.

I think armor reinforcement kits should be doubled as well. Right now they increase durability by +50 +100 +150. This just doesn’t add enough to make a difference, its ok for tools except you really want the tool upgrade on those anyway. I think they should be +100 +200 +300. The addition to timers should stay the same.

Armor flexibility is good. It’s the best one without a doubt. Not only does it decrease the weight of the armor but it also has an effect on stamina usage when climbing I believe. This is ESSENTIAL for none encumbrance builds.

Lastly I suggest adding some new mods that add cold or heat resistance to a set of armor. I’m not sure how this would work exactly. there are two ways. For starters, make it so it can be unlocked at t3. So currently most armor pieces will give you +1 heat resist or +1 cold resist or none at all. So if you wear a full set of heavy armor for example, you’ll have +5 heat resist.

If you add a cold resist mod to a cold resist armor, you’ll get +2 cold resist from the armour. So you can get maximum cold resist. However if you add the cold resist mod to a heat resist armor, maybe it should cancel out the resists rather than giving it both types.

This would mean you could make an armor that can go anywhere, cold or hot areas with the exception of frostbite areas and the volcano. Likewise, you could make armor specifically to resist these types of areas. I think it would be a good trade off by making an armor more versatile or specialized vs the other mods.

Please let me know what you think.



Hmm i could of swore that the plates used to boost armor by a percentage? Did they change it or something?

This is the t2 plate. It adds +2 and reduces durability by 25%

You can gain 10 armor for a 25% durability reduction.

This is just not a good trade off at all and I might even say that you are hurting yourself by using them. In fact now that I think about it, the durability reduction should either be removed or the amount of armor should be increased by 10/20/30

Any static boost from plates will make using heavier armor useless. They should just return it to where it was percent based. so that weaker armor sets stay that way. Uness i am mistaken and it was never percent based,

Also, how can adding a kit that increases the armor rating decrease durability of the armor?
Doesn’t make sense.

Well I only got into the game after official release, so it may have been that way at one point, but it isn’t that way anymore.