Additional Armor Mods

Just a thought. I’d like to see fur lining, and ventilation kits so you can wear the armor you want at the cost of using up the mod slot for the armor.

they could start with just making mods NOT remove durability in general…

Sure, I’m fine with that but, the whole premise of my post is we shouldn’t be roped in to a specific armor type and weight just because its hot or cold weather gear. With what we can currently make in the game it is not unfathomable that someone from this world could make such alterations to clothing. With that said, and I’m no programmer, but I don’t think it would be too daunting of a task to create. But that’s for Funcom to decide.

To add cold or heat protection? Sounds awesome!
But how to balance that? Is that supposed to change those resistances or simply to buff it?
If it’s meant to buff, no armor should come with resistance and we should create our own heat and cold protection armor?

But when talking about adding more kits…
It would be awesome to be able and add +1 stats on armors; also using up said mod slot. Only on top of creating our own resistance armor though - which would leave us really vulnerable to cold+heat if using stats on armor.
Of course these would be needed to cost a lot! Maybe even some boss materials.

And when applying that thought on weapon slots, maybe we could get unique kits for weapons?
Like adding special effects which have been supposed to be on legendary weapons: adding bleed, cripple, sunder to weapons. Those should only affect heavy attacks though. Even corruption might be thought of.

I think the problem could be solved by granting the ability to modify the appearance of, or “reskin” the armor you like.

Well there are lots of armor which wont grant the stat-resistance-type armor-combo one needs.
So as being able to run around with a cosmetic set would be really cool; we eighter need each stat-resistance-type combo for armors or the suggested idea of altering/buffing resistance on armor. Type meaning light, medium or heavy armor in this case.

Do you know a light heat protection armor with survival?
Or a light strenght armor with cold// medium/heavy strenght armor with heat protection?

Funcom would need to add so many more sets. But not if they would allow us to create our own resistance armor/lets us buff our resistance.

Right, I think I misunderstood the point the OP was making. I think more mods would be beneficial. Not sure how difficult the mechanics of it would be to code, but I think there is a lot of room for growth in this area.

was thinking, some spiked armor mods wouldbe nice, when you attack someone with it take bleed dmg or just a minute amount of dmg or ssomethingthat

They does not remove it, but reduces, which is a payment for increasing armour stats.

I look at a lot of the armor and think this is ridiculous I should be able to wear another layer under that or over that.

Heavy Vyrkul armor is the worse offender, it is Nordheimer armor so you would think it would be all furry and warm looking and the chest is just two metal plates strapped to my torso. Like what the hell that would be cold as all get out even if you didn’t factor in all the bare skin, and don’t talk to me about sun warmed metal in the desert on my nipples.

I honestly think the easiest solution is one that more games need to consider, an armor layer and a clothing layer. Let the armor layer mostly handle damage mitigation and let the clothing layer handle body temp mitigation. The first items you craft in this game include the coarse tunic and pants, and then you never make clothing again.

We should be able to make clothing from plant matter, gossamer, fur, hide, in varing levels of quality and temperature resistance. I mean look at the real world not a lot of people wearing furs over their entire body in the tropics but throughout history lots of people wearing furs and hides and wool in the northern climates and then putting armor over top of that.

I would lover to see more armor mods, I’ve mention that you should be able to mod any hand/foot item into climbing gear. But if we are going to mod items like that then I would suggest that armor get two mods, one “lining” mod for warm/cool and then one regular mod for stuff we currently have.

I mean I saw a thrall the other day standing on a mountain top base in nothing but a fancy skirt, I don’t know what his skirt was made of but it much be the warmest skirt in the world as he didn’t look cold.