Armor Customization?

Does anyone else besides me recall Funcom more or less stating they want the players to use whatever armor they want? Currently, we wear armor for eighter temperature, or the stats on them. Even if we highly despise the look of said armor.

So here is a question:
Where is the point in cosmetic DLCs, if the reskins of armor come with certain stats, forcing us into the same armor if we want certain stat?

Which is why:
I would prefer for us to be able and use stat-kits (along with temperature bonuses) on armors, which then again come with nothing but plain armor.

This would require:
A new working bench.
I mean… Just think about it:
Each stat needs two kits - one for heat, one for cold.
Epic versions would add a second bar of temperature resistance, flawless variants of both would add 2 instead of 1 to said attribute.

And that is basically it.
The first stat boost might be crafted at lvl 20, coming with stats only.
(Maybe they should actually range from 10 to 20, with encumbrance being unlocked at level 10; strenght+accuracy unlocked at level 20.)
Second tier of kits comes with stat and heat/cold - roughly at lvl 40.
(Same like with stat only kits: encumbrance+resistance at lvl 30, strenght/accuracy+resistance at lvl 40)
And finally at lvl 60, the epic versions coming with better resistance and same stats.

With named thralls allowing us to craft flawless kits, better stat boosts would be aviable anywhere between 10 and 20. Which is basically the same like currently.

The problem now lies in the current kits. I would assume we should be able to use both on armor - or those get calculated in all that as well - making strenght, cold, reduction kits i.e…

Also the different thralls might grant different flawless kits. Maybe that would be what combines the current kits into it. And in case anyone wonders what kind of thralls I am speaking of: armorers.


I would like to see a change to the armor system as well. I think the tempature should be linked to the type of armor but not stats. Maybe stats are an add on like the OP suggested or you can pick the stat when you craft it or there are just different variations of each type of armor for different stats.

It is frustrating right now to be forced to wear an armor style you dont like just to get the proper stat bonus

The armor and weapon modifications are all very vague too you cant really see what it does other than a basic description. what exactly does flexibility do for example, what about the difference between lesser and greater flexibility.

Even Armor pieces themselves it is hard to judge what is the right thing to wear. The difference between medium and light armor for example, other than armor rating and weight how does it affect things? I can still dodge in medium, it doesn’t feel like I run slower, does putting the flexibility kits on it really help? it is hard to tell what the effects of armor are currently

I would love to see armor list for example Heavy, reduces run speed by 5%, removes dodge, increases stamina used by x % so we know what the actually affects of wearing each piece are.

Even the stats are not that clear, like agility says it helps with how you can move in various armor, but how much does it help, what does it do, whats the effect?

Vanity slots could help with this, but I kind of like that the look of the armor helps with how it affects cold or heat, but i don’t want to wear the ugly stygian just for a stat when i like the normal armor look better or the khitan but cant get the right stat on it.

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Splitting off from suggestions thread since it was a 4-month thread necro.

It would be easier to just remove all temp bonuses from all armors and simply attach them to two kinds of lining: cold and heat. That way, however the armor is constructed, using whichever lining the player wants, the armor would retain the ‘look’ and the temp bonus as well. No extra bench needed. Then you can add armor “kits” to change the stats of that armor, and ‘boom’ = customized armor appearance, stats, and temp bonus.


I like the OP’s suggestion about kits for stat bonuses, but don’t mind some armors being heat and others cold protection. It helps me to diversify my wardrobe. :grin:

Personally, I end up in Zamorian Dancer wear most of the time while running around gathering and choose the armors that i think look good regardless of stats (aside from the necessary heat or cold protection). I usually end up in some form of Medium armor for killing bosses for keys, and Heavy for thrall farming, but pay no mind to stats since I care about aesthetics more.

I do agree about the ideas of kits as me I usually go full heavy to tank things out.

I thought that was the whole point of the (IMO, otherwise superfluous) “lining/padding” step required in armor production.

I’ve given up trying to work out the heat/cold resist. Its all over the place and half of the armors that are said to be ? Resist are not what they claim to be.
I just do the whole map now in 3 parts epic hyperborian with a dafari top and an eye patch. Unless I need to climb in the snow.
When I mine, I do it nude with a bearer pack.
They need to do some thing to address the weird temp protection.

I like the idea of the heat or cold on the padding.

My only hang up on any armor having either heat or cold is how currently some cold resist armors are completely bare chested, even medium Vanir armor. What is the point of fur around your shoulder pads if you have a bare chest. I guess it cant be helped without redoing all the models.

With the padding controlling the heat or cold resist it would at least let people pick the look they like since coverage doesn’t seem to matter for heat or cold already.

This would be a huge QOL improvement and is supported by everyone I have talked to about it. I understand why Joel wanted the current system so players could identify visually the defenses of their opponents but the vision failed to predict the meta. Please allow us to customize armor stats. Make style meta again…

If you are able to use mods, take a look on this one:
Fashionist (Steam Workshop)

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Personally I support the idea of having the ability to choose between styles, temperature resistance as well as attribute points the armor gives you, especially given the fact that we do not have the choice in having the same build working in hot and cold regions as you can see in the wiki:

Wiki List of all armors without DLC

That in fact is one of the reasons for me to buy the first DLC since it provided a cold resistant Encumbrance armor, which some might call pay-to-win but do not worry I play PVE :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be great to mix and match as we please, on my private server I use this mod which gives me the option to easy switch the skin of my armor:

Fashionist Mod Steam Workshop

This enables me to do some roleplay as well, do I go out to enslave, ahem sorry, recruit some workers I choose the skin of Hyperborean Slaver, do I go adventuring I use the Dragon thing from the new DLC, I like it that way.

Obviously this is no option for official servers so why not combine it, temperature wise, with the existing kits, here some ideas:

Weight stripping or Thin plating --> Heat resistance, since less material keeping you warm
Endurance kit or Thick plating --> Cold resistance, since you add more material to last longer I believe.

For the Attributes you could do something like with the Exilirs where you drench the armor-piece in the Elixirs fluid to combine it with the attributes the Elixir grants, without time restriction of course.

So you would end up having hot resistance but being a bit more vulnerable armor wise and the oposit would work for cold, while you would be able to mix and match the attributes to any armor without adding too many new systems in code since it uses current mechanics.

Just my two cent :smiley:

I want armor customization or vanity slots… anything lol.

I am so tired of wearing vanilla light armor all the time cuz it’s the most practical in PvE.

Ever since the encumberance warpaint duration nerf, I’ve had to wear that retarded turban for a full encumberance bonus. And yes, i’m aware Khitan heavy armor looks awesome, but I wanna climb well too.

At this point, i’m even ok with just a helmet invis option.

I saw how this answer to the other (and pretty old) thread got its own thread, but I didnt pay attention where it was created. General discussion is a bad idea, as this one is rather a suggestion. I might be wrong though.
Will be trying to move this thing in a second…

Nice to see other ideas how to approach this! :slight_smile:

However, if vanity slots will actually come, one could just ignore this thread lol.
Though if I remember correctly, there are a few players going on about how vanity slots would cause frustration for others, as those would go after a guy with the looks of some legion armor, and then only wearing fiber rags. (Not the same example, but probably the worst thing. I guess that would totally be me. :joy:)

But when it comes to vanity slots… I would ask for more “clothes” like dancer outfits. DLCs should then come with 1 or 2 vanity armors just as well. So all religios armors would count as vanity, as well as any else non armorish armor. (Now imagine the hunt after those rags from the exile thralls, causing one to eighter wear nothing or loincloth… I really think there will be a hunt for those.)

Oh I got good news for you!
Grab a t3 or t4 armorer from set city. They allow to craft the relic hunter gear - their chest+trousers are light armor AND grant encumbrance! At least I think they look way better than the basic exile armor.

I do remember seeing the PVP argument about false armor as well and, TBH first thing I tough was noob-basher much? :smiley:

Personally I would appreciate the option to customize armor, maybe a way to overcome the issue regarding PVP, I myself are a PVE player since I am more a co-op person, would be to standardise the values of armor protection across the different sets.

In this case Light, Medium and Heavy would provide, in their group, the same amount of protection and you could apply your own stats with Elixirs for instance. that way the skin itself would not matter much as long you realise if the enemy is weary Light or Heavy.

And about a possible argument about the free distribution of Attributes to any kind of armor, it would not be different to the perk-points your char has.

While it would be a lot more work, it would be nice if the temperature resistance reflected the look of the armor, if you have a hot weather and cold weather padding for the armor types it could give slight alterations to the armor, like adding some spots of fur or more coverage for that armor type when made from the cold padding, or remove fur and other padding for hot weather.

In addition If they add vanity slots I would love to see vanity limited to the same class of armor, for example if you are wearing light armor you can use another light armor for vanity, but not a heavy armor or visa versa. That would maintain some ability to determine threat, while still allowing someone to have some style choices.

Along those lines it would be nice to see light, medium and heavy religious armor, that combined with stat mods would make people actually use it.

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