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Does Funcom realise that the reason alot of players dont buy their released DLC is because it does not fit with that persons playstyle or where they have even built their base etc. I know I would have bought all the DLCs but stopped after 1 because firstly even though the weapons all look pretty good the end games stats are below what obsidian/dragon bone weapons are anyway so theres no point in getting them for that reason, the armor is the same because the Heat/cold & stat attributes are hard coded into each piece, so mostly the stats are not what people want to use etc STR/VIT/ENC so they dont get the DLC because they armors dont have them stats.

Dont you think its better to just be able to build stat kits to change the attribute on each armor piece just once, 90% of armor probably dont get used because of this reason that the fixed attribute dont fit your build.

In my guild of 8 most would have bought the DLC IF these things could be altered, even cold/heat resists could be altered with say extra fur to turn a heat resist armor into cold armor etc.

I want to buy the DLC so do my mates but their is no reason to buy it, most things are worthless.


I’d get them, I just think they are too costly. Waiting for them to come down to $5 apiece and then I’d probably get them to support Funcom. Just cannot justify $30 for the three I don’t have, when I can get nearly a full game for that.

And most of it is just cosmetic with little real impact to the game.


I agree in part with you, even if “customization” I think could be a technical issue.

But honestly I use medium armors, and I use almost only armors from DLCs, just the cimmerian one I use is from game-base.

I don’t know your build but my build is based upon vitality and strenght, plus encoumbrance for my farming/building setup.

So DLC medium armors perfectly fit my needs.

Plus, if you think they are only cosmetics… never made one flawless epic uh ? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:

I doubt OP did never make a flawless armour. All players in game a while had time to check them i think.

But OP stated to, that some players will not use some armours because of playstyle, and character-choice, what i can fully understand.
This may not be so important at all for pvp players only, but for the role-playing community i think i does matter.

While i bought all dlc since when they came out still, i must be honnest, i use only still a few armours, and mostly for thralls. Sure i use the khitan for the cold, and this or that by time.
I love the looks of the dlc, and bought them also for the building elements, and the deco stuff.

Let’s face it, the flawless armours may be worth it, the lower tier one are less usefull, while the weapons i mostly jump this lower part. Once you know the game, the step stone-steel is quickly done. The few iron stuff i need i take the vanilla mostly.
Hight tier are worth it, and weapons are equivalent to star-metal.

But again, for most look is important, the wrong stats, or the wrong look at the wrong place will make them avoid them.
We’re all different, with different tasts and of course playstyles and communities we play in.

@Vattende : sure I agree, but I fail to see your point at all.

Let me explain: the suggestion on this topic in few words is “let us custom stats of DLC armors”.

Customize stats are not a roleplay or style problem, it’s a power and game-balance problem.

Armors from dlc are not op but very powerful because at epic flawless level have BEST cold/heat protection of the game, and they offer bonus to attributes sometimes you don’t find at all in normal-game-armors.

Plus: if I want to have an epic flawless cimmerian (medium) armor I have to capture the ONLY t4 armorer of the game who knows how to do it, Werk of the lost tribe.

I want an epic flawless dlc armor ? Every t4 could make it.

And you want ALSO to be able to customize them ?

I know it was not his intent, but this sounds me like @William1980 asked: “please funcom transform the game in a pay to win”.

No thanks.

PS: and I have all DLCs :wink:

I get my cosmetics from mods for my private server and support those modders via Patreon.

I don’t feel like NerfCom deserves my patronage right now considering all the unnecessary nerfing they have done to appease a few whiners and that they release DLC’s with little content.

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I wanna see a DLC that isn’t based on a race. It can still be cosmetic, but its all gotten a bit samey for me.

I mean, I like having more stations, it feeds the hoarder part of my brain. And more placeables make people happy. Different styles of walls are good for builders. Pet skins are… alright, it makes my friend happy. Warpaints are kinda eh since they only last a while.

I think there lot of extrapolatiion in your own answer.

All other players and posters are not “newbs” to the game lke you may think.
Yes, i know and use the cimmerian armour since EA, where there wasn’t any dlc around. That’s not the discusssion here.

Discussion is more stats vs look, and if the actual hot/cold protection makes sens.
Again, for this last dlc, turan armours with cold protection, while the building elements have heat-protection make few sens to me.

What i try to explain here, is that most people bought the dlc, looking at picture, seeing stuff looking more like persian/desert style, and got a cold resistant armour more. Same stats than the khitan.

Then sure, dlc armours and weapons can be made without investment of feats in order to learn them, and each t4 can make them. Again, not the purpose for me here. First i know that and use some hight tier stuff from dlc, but barely the lower ones. It’s mostly a time loss for me, and my own choice.

Also i didn’t see any mention that OP want a pay-to-win system.

What are you going on about flawless armors for they still come with the same stats as normal except +2, its still either STR/VIT etc. Ive got 2000+ hours as a Pvper, only reason I play the game. Im talking about making the armors more custom with armor addons like we can do with weapons to a degree. Im decayed more flawless armors than I can remember raiding ignorant players.

Where do you pull pay to win from? im talking about armor mod kits to change the attribute bonus of a piece of armor, any armor DLC or base game, I like the cimmerian armor but I dont use it for pvp because I go 50 STR build so I always have to use the specific armor for that. Have the mod kits drop from bosses to alter the attribute on that piece.

I would buy the Yamoto DLC for the armor look an change the stats to STR example but I dont because I cant change the attributes, dont see how its pay to win. Its about be able to customise the armor.

DLC content is and will only be cosmetic.
Any game changes would be for everyone not behind a DLC.

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This whole issue could be fixed with cosmetic slots. You make and wear one armor set for the stats, and another for the statless appearance. Best of both worlds without breaking anything or pay-to-win.

Just because what you wrote in the topic seemed to me “let us customize DLC armors” and not “let us customize ALL armor”.

I know my english is not so good. So if 2 different peoples understood something different from what I meant probably it’s my fault so I’m sorry and I apology.

I know it’s NOT intent of @William1980 asking to transform the game in a pay to win .

But from what he wrote in the topic it seemed (to me obv) he was asking to make customizable only the DLC armors, and not all armors of the game.

This (asking to make only dlc armors customizable) could trasnsform imho the game in a pay to win, because dlc armors, medium ones in particular, are really strong.

But it’s just a miserunderstanding.

EDIT: pheraps I get it, you’re angry because I wrote: “if you think they’re only cosmetics you never tryed to make one epic flawless ? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::shushing_face:”… but that was not meaning what you may think, it means: “All of us having a dlc know their cold/heat protection is bugged, being the only armors in the game with a linear progression (so the protection of a normal one is 1, exceptional 2 … epic flawless is 6 when the max of a game armor is 5) if you didn’t noticed, try to make one. Shhh don’t tell Funcom of this lovable bug or they’ll nerf them” !

Don’t see what your playtime has to do with a choice of playstyle.
And this was OP’s post about. Not fitting his playstyle.

I try consider all players, communities and playstyle, while you seems stuck in yours the pvp one. Nothing against pvp i mean, my servers are mostly set to pvp. But there are other peoples around. Some love play pve, and fiddle around more with look, some love do role-play, and some are singleplayers. All these have also a voice.

By the way, i play since early EA, so don’t let us count our hours, ok, believe me. :wink:

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