Equalization/Options across armor sets to prevent issues with DLCs and maintain DLC relevance

With DLC coming soon and the addition of cosmetics, I am concerned that the DLC content wont be useful/appealing if stats/temperature are not ideal for a persons play-style.

For example, I am looking forward to the Kitan DLC, but if it is cold weather gear I can’t get any use out of it as all of my bases are jungle/desert based.

I would suggest that temperature and stats tie into modification slots rather than tied to the gear. This would allow DLC gear to be more universally useful and also (hopefully) stem any tide of complaints regarding DLC content being P2W. For example, if DLC gear has all strength base then some might view its as potentially overpowered. But if it has survival, no one will use it. (and I will be less likely to want to buy the DLC)

Also, can we get functional warpaints for the DLC? I got excited when I saw new warpaints… but then I saw they were only decorative… so we will never use them and this makes me sad.

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Funcom stated in the last stream that DLC armors are just a reskin of already implemented armrors in game in order to keep things balanced.
Maybe the Kitan Armor is just a Kambujan armor with different looks. They havent stated what sets will be the equivalent. I would bet is just the standar set with encumbrance bonus. This is the first DLC and maybe they add new DLC with armors that fit your preferences :slight_smile:

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FIrst of all regarding to DLC.
I am quite pissed Funcom dare to release a DLC while the game feels still in early access.

Bugs everywhere, game feels half finished. And yet paid dlc on the way. Just plain disgusting.
Also pushing that ■■■■ into our faces regardless of we bought or not is again a not so user friendly practice.

Ark (Wildcard) already did this mistake why haven’t you learn from their fault guys?

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Regardless of what they do. I think what you state does not remove the issue I am hoping is addressed.

By this they limit who will want what DLC. I may like the look of one DLC, but wont buy it/use it because the buffs are not good for me or the temperature is wrong for my base. Then they may add one that is good for me, but I don’t like the style. So that’s 2 DLC I wont be wanting. :confused:

I am not the first to suggest that armor should be a shell of armor rating, armor class, weight, and appearance. And that temperature and stats should be independently modded. I just hope that my perception on this suggestion as it relates to DLC will add some weight to the suggestions being made towards this end.

As an additional point:

If it is encumbrance, then it will not be a set that currently exists as there is currently no other encumbrance cold weather set. (I checked something I missed and saw that Kitan will be cold weather, so no rocking the Kitan for me). If it is encumbrance, then I think it will upset people as the DLC will then be the only way to have a cold weather (end game area) encumbrance set. Not a major point to drive home because we don’t know what it will be. But I still think my suggestion (and that of others) would really curb any stem of complaints that will come out of the DLC stats/temp usability.

Cannot agree, positives and negatives must be obvious for everyone, making armor completely cosmetics is a first step to naked guy oneshotting everything with banana or any other completely unimmersive stuff

Instead cold resistance in hot areas and vice-versa should not be considered as negative effect, any clothes is better than no clothes in extreme weather conditions

I think I could have been more clear on my point. Gear tiers should still matter. High quality gear should always have the ability to take higher stats/temp protection. Fiber gear should not be able to hold temp/stats/quality in the way t3(?) level 60 flawless gear can.

And as for positives and negatives being obvious. I think I address that in the above. (ie. better gear ‘shells’ should always be better) But to say that temp should make sense is really not part of the game now. Why the Lemurian light armor sarong protects from the winter chill… I have no idea.

But I think I get your point and agree (regardless of the skin coverage to temp ratios) higher tier gear should have the capability of being high tier stats/protection where low tier gear should not be able to have more stat/protection than it currently would.

i’m not talking about tiers, i’m talking about immersion and visible pros/cons, no-one runs naked in blizzard(actually, i do, but not for long and only because of broken dancer buff) and no-one will wear fur-lined armour to run over desert

Though I see your point. I think the game does not currently have this. What I am suggesting is a general balance for armor to maintain DLC relevance and allow more options, not an application of realism to current and future temp based outfits. We don’t really have this level of realism now, and to obtain it would change some of the fantasy of the game. (see all female cold weather armors for a reference)

In other words, what I am suggesting is to open options for the game, what you seem to be running with is that the whole design (of what currently exists) could be more immersive. I think these are two separate suggestions. What I am suggesting would not really affect the issue you are presenting. True the Dafrari set would look not ‘cold weather’ appropriate… but it the female Vanir set really isn’t that much ‘warmer’ in practice. And the Leumerian Sarong saves us from the cold… so go figure… Perhaps some level of restriction could be placed when it comes to temp but I do not think it is warranted as it does not follow that logic in the current design.

Regardless, I still feel change is warranted to keep DLC gear sets relevant.

It have, but multiple bugs prevent this from being actually a thing like dancer buff stuck

Nobody said anything about anyone running around naked. No armor is no armor. Take a look at this here for an idea of what we’re talking about.

Obviously the base armor value is still dependent on the gear crafted so light, medium, and heavy, and all their respective tiers will still be in full effect. Its just secondary things like environmental protection and attribute bonuses that can be altered.

It’s not a ‘just secondary’ thing, that’s why you ask it to be ruined.
This ‘just secondary’ thing currently forces to remove armour in some places just to reduce weather effect, stop loosing health and have an ability to climb.

It’s not secondary, but part of gameplay.

that “secondary” isnt really immursive on several peices of gear…royal lemurian light gear give cold resist when visually should be heat resist soo that argument is void

the temp being a modded slot…eh

the stats being a modded slot is a definate yes, this would allow the game to be and do what the devs say they want it to be, play the way you want, but tons of nice looking gear has complete crap for stats…like most accuracy gear or thief armor that could be many stats, what about the basic gear screams encumbrance.

I would call it a bug which needs to be fixed(but no one will run it in pvp for serious where armour is actually must tell a lot), instead of reason to remove system completely

Except all armors have a level 60 epic variant as it is with mostly equivalent armor values across the 3 types. There is a cold and heat option for every armor without giving up significant armor value. The real issue here is appearance not functionality. So yes, attribute bonuses and environmental protection are secondary modifiers on the overall armor system.

Also what about gear that has a drastically different appearance based on the gender of the character? The Zamorian thief set is cold resist and on male characters cover everything and looks appropriately cold resit capable but on female characters cover almost nothing and should, by your logic, be heat resist instead. Same goes for the Shaman armor.

it covers enough to give some_protection there’s no armor which makes temperature effects completely removed

There’s darfarian armour which gives protection from heat, but it does not cover even 20% of body, but it looks like desert armor and everybody knows that this one never help you in blizzard, so if you see wearer in north, you know where it’s better to fight him.
I must clarify this one again, it’s about immersion and ‘what you see that you get’ it’s a survival game, not a freaking cosplay conf

While we tank about balance, i feel like the telit armor set should corrupt the wearer or have some kind of backdrop watsoever, it would better fit the lore of the item aswel