Add Heat & Cold variants to all DLC content

Why wasn’t all DLC content given heat and cold variants to the gear and building structures as the Picts gear seems more like upper mountain and lower mountain gear more so than heat resistant gear it seems like the gear should provide a level of heat and cold protection.

Based off the individual gear the heavy set of the pict gear forgot the name, looks like a skull this looks like it would protect against heat but then the back neck half looks like it would protect against cold. Then the body cold protection obviously and so on as basic design details of the gear are obviously there.

Then for the building structures a lot of the pict structures look like they could protect against cold as it’s a bit similar in look next to the black ice structures, I also fail to see how I couldn’t just insulate it with proper wood. I really wanted to build a RP around pict in the winter mountains.

Hopefully this could be added or even a similar but simple solution of adding a mod to make that alters the gears look and heat or cold resistance to the exact opposite as the Zamorians Thief gear is OBVIOUSLY NOT cold proof for the ladies😏 an the men just as well but let’s be honest all most all men variants look way to warm to even wear in reality.


They don’t select based on look/lore, but just by whatever is needed at the time of release.

More gear isn’t the solution. The inventory and crafting are already way too cluttered. Rather they need to strip all Heat/Cold resistance from all armors.

And instead, allow us to create consumable items to add the appropriate resistance to each individual piece of armor, based on what we want.

It’s fairly obvious they don’t care if skimpy armors are given Cold Resistance or heavy fur armor is given Heat Resistance. So looks aren’t important.

Rather, I would like to see 10 new consumables.

+1 through +5 each of Cold and Heat Resist. Each overwrites any others used.

Meaning if I craft a +1 Heat Resist for my desert armor pieces with minimal materials, and later I’m capable of it, I can then craft +2 Heat Resist to apply to my desert armor.

The +2 would overwrite the +1.

If I decide I want to use an armor in cold climates and not hot, I can then just apply a Cold Resist that will overwrite the Heat Resist.

To me, this is the only real solution to the Temperature Resist on armors. Nobody is really happy with the current system. Therefore the only real solution is to allow us to pick what Resistance is on our armor.

The +1 side can have lower and easy to obtain materials, because they are weaker. While +5 can have tougher requirements for later in the game.


I don’t like the idea of consumables tailored to the weather situations I believe before I tackle the subject of clothing the crafting table is cluttered, hence a better sorting option plus an specialized filter would fix this I have just gotten faster at finding stuff. However the idea of clothing regardless of design and look being given whatever is a problem.

YES I like my Zamorian Thief gear. I LIKE running around in this skimpy Thief gear. But it’s just not logical in winter climates. Then stuff that belongs there isn’t for winter it’s for heat. My point being is I am confused based off the lore and then the gear. I obviously understand they are small staffed and that stuff is obviously being overlooked.

I get that it’s a company and one that is trying to make money… but more logical, more realistic, more small details make profit skyrocket. Either way I just want it I asked and hopefully I’ll be rewarded. Even if it’s a mod-kit that can be used like the others to just alter the type of protection permanently that’s enough. A drink that does it at will is just… honesty lazy. No reason to feel like you actually belong in the desert if your wearing 50 blankets and carrying around a fire torch and fire pit to cook…

Hopefully I typed this right. If you don’t understand what I am saying let me know I’ll try to clear it up.

Perhaps I should elaborate.

Consumables doesn’t always mean something you eat or drink. Mod-kits are consumables. Meaning when you apply one, it’s used up.

I wasn’t referring to a potion, but rather something like mod-kits, however not like them. As temperature ones should be usable alongside other mod-kits. Not in place of them.

IE, you get a kit that ups the defense of an armor piece, you can then also use the kit to add Heat Resist to it.

This is preferable to trying to make everything realistic. Given we are in a fantasy world with undead walking around, werewolves, dragons, etc.

…and the resist type would be determined by the materials used.

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Furs for cold resistance kits silk for heat resistance kits would make sense while not necessary for the mechanic to work this could be a way to implement cloaks that are built with the above items to offer the resistances (and look good while doing it) instead.


I would love to be able to choose stat bonus on DLC armor.

Not me. If all the changes for armours asked in this forum are done in the game, the differences between armours will disappear. And the choice of wearing this or that armour will be purely cosmetic. I don’t want this part or any other part of the game to become meaningless.

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The DLC was supposed to be cosmetic only in the first place.
I was kinda disappointed when I found out that they are not.

Just put the resists on the linings. We have to make them for every set of armour anyway. Just have a cold set and heat set of linings for each light, medium and heavy.


I made suggestion how they could handle this.

Just an idea…

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Oh, I apologize for the misunderstanding then, yeah undead and dragons and werewolves are definitely not realistic but I figured clothing could be but yeah the way you described it just now is exactly what I was thinking as well, I do get that all realism goes out the window when undead are in play. But yeah, I just wanted to roam around the snowy tops in the gear but unlike my water flask which keeps me fine 100% in the volcano I have yet to find something easy to just spam whenever possible to warm up. Although the npcs are fine. Lol frostbite sucks and it should slow my movement speed but that is a different subject entirely.

On contrary it is meaningless at this moment. If the necessary modifications are provided, the crafting side of the Conan world would make actual sense when it comes to believable biometrics. I personally love the temperature feature in this game. The way it was pushed into practise is where it failed.

What comes to the costumes, I advocate influence based on materials as well. It would have made sense if they actually gave us the ability to mix and match actual gear pieces instead of the typical game logic set of gear.

If we were taking things seriously enough, we would need to admit that there’s no such thing as a cosmetic item. Every single item has some form of influence to the player. The real challenge is to make sure no in-game progression advantage is received thorough any monetaristic investments. Then again if such is present, the developer has to provide separate pay-to-win and play-to-win sectors into their game or games.

Here’s why…

Pay-to-win is a form of doping in eSports and any other game that has a competitive progression system in them. However, I don’t blame dopers. I don’t sense them to be anything bad of sorts. They are just doing their part of the trade. I’m actually worried of their health instead. However, since I am not responsible of their actions directly, I would like to still address their issue. Some dopers actually don’t have a choice. They are forced to it. Some of them suffer for it. To make things easier for them and perhaps save some lives (non-virtual doping), the separated competition statistics need to take place.

We at least need the ability to verify involvement and decide if we want to enable pay-to-win elements in our private servers.

Isn’t this a true win-win-win-win scenario?

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Like other topics, we need Tools that allow changing a armors cold/heat resist. This way its only 2 items added, and not x2 armor list of variant of armors. XD


Never had an issue with pay-2-win players sucky players regardless of whether or not they buy their way to victory means nothing if they don’t have skill and suck just a easy win and a waste of their cash. :rofl:

I would like also different designs when the mod is used it would make things more aesthetically pleasing.

Depends on what the element offers.

You are correct though. It’s true that no matter what tool we have, one only behaves like a weapon if we know how to wield them properly.

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Well based off the beautiful world they created I would fine with it being added as a DLC in all honest I don’t mind a 10$ purchase to help them out. But I don’t think drawing the art would be an issue as rendering the 3D modeling would be.

Same could be said for the current dlc packs. They seem to try and prioritize customer happiness over profits and 10$ a person adds up eventually to end up in the positives of making profit. Higher priced dlc usually doesn’t get bought by people unless it’s a game like DOA and usually only hardcore fans buy it. People mostly buy specific stuff for their favorite characters, so logically cheaper is better in terms of dlc. More will buy it more can afford it and this cha- ching!:money_mouth_face:

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No one is asking for a complete redesign. Removing a few bits of armor or adding a couple of tuffs of fur to armor is not a huge ask at all. It should take a few people a day or two at most to complete. You could even just slap a cape of armors with heat resistance and swap them to cold resistance instead.

I haven’t bought any DLC, but if you give me a decent looking female medium armor set with a hot and cold version, a decent armor value (I currently use medium armor crafted with a thrall in the bench), and decent stat (such as the pieces giving strength instead of something like survival), and does not have unreasonable repair costs (something like leather and iron would be preferable) then I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Something like the the way the armor on this cover has fur and a cape added to it.

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