Add Heat and Cold resist armor modifications

A lot of armors do not make visual sense for the climates they’re useful for. For example, wearing the heavy black fur pictish warchief armor for its heat resist inside the volcano and my reptilian armor in the frozen wastes seems silly. Especially since many of the snakemen’s thralls are wearing reptilian armor in the heart of the volcano. Why not add an armor modification that allows players to switch their armors from heat to cold and visa versa?


Reptiles are design for heat so can’t see how funcom came up with that idea. Some outfits need redoing like lemurian armour.

Since the art team has so much free time, they could even make hot and cold versions of different armor styles.

For example, insulated Pict armor vs a lightweight jungle version. The more appealing the armor the better value for their DLC’s and should make them more money I hope.

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