Fixing Temperature Resistance on Armor

Armor in its current state is really annoying in regards to temperature. I just spent 10 dollars to buy the new Turan DLC and can’t wear any of my armor around my base because i catch on fire while standing in my house. Its just frustrating spending the money on it and only being allowed to wear it in certain locations.


Oddly I noticed last night that I was cold in Yamatai demon armour at the sinkhole. And previously seen that in Seppermeru, put I put that down to carrying the HoarFrost ax for the first time.

Totally agree, freezing to death while covered in bear furs in the Pictish Warchief armour is completely ridiculous. Even if they just swapped them round it would make much more sense.


im agree with htis topic too. just swap some armor’s resistances like lemurian royal to hot resistance and instead of this something another what looks like it have cold resistance to cold resistance >w>

i think there is no need for a light, medium and heavy version of the same set to give resistance to the same temperature

i believe thousands of people will be happy if you reconsider resistance to temperatures at least:

  • pictish DLC
  • turan DLC
  • lemurian (at least lemurian royal)
  • Ymir’s religious

Why not go further than that and let the temperature resistance be governed by what material we use on them? Light, medium and heavy relates vaguely to durability, only to an annoying degree coz it should relate to their mass instead and how that impacts stamina, dodging and so on.

In short, this system should be changed to reflect our character’s sense of biometrics (matching that of the player’s preferably). Tiering system shouldn’t exist the way it does coz it hurts players’ sense of environmental manipulation and its assimilation.

I see your frustration but in the game there are hot and cold zones.
Simply catering all DLC only for hot areas would not help you out later in the game.
You could also from that stand point argue that the building pieces are useless until later in the game too.

You can’t just swap armour temperature resist, a major factor is which ability bonus they already give to their current temperature zone.
This would insanely unbalance an already wobbly armour set system lol

Well it kind of makes sense for a race of people to develop all three types to suit the one temperature zone they are modelled on.

I for one think more will be very unhappy if all the Epic flawless sets of armour they made to get specific attributes in specific temperature zones in specific light/med/heavy sets got messed around with.
I have bought certain DLC exactly for the armour stats.

Those pieces have specific variables to utilise for. One that has little to do with temperature I wager. If I’m not mistaken, building blocks only serve as a camp feature and as the first method to negate the sandstorm when a settlement is assembled tight enough. Do they affect temperature as well? How about the insulated ones?

This would of course not suffice. However, catering for both hot and cold doesn’t either. Issue is deep rooted to how artificially vague the tiering system is.

Yes. There are also clothing that come with resistances to specific temperature altitudes. This is an interesting feature and should be allowed to work closely to one’s sense of biometrics (my wording). Current stage of tiering is artificially vague at best and annoys the logic out of me.

With ability bonus you refer to an attribute bonus or the climate resistance? :thinking:

You are correct that the resistance variable shouldn’t be merely swapped. However, I think the person who you replied to referred to an in-game act that would allow us to tweak the clothing to contribute to the climate we endure. It’s odd that when I roleplay as a pict warchief, my starting point is obviously still in the desert, but I can’t tweak my clothing to suit that area. Where are my tools for that? Surely my character isn’t this dum. :joy:

Correct. That wobbliness is due the vague tiering system, I wager. It needs a creative update.

It also makes sense to be able to tweak them to tackle the climate differentiation. Being stuck in a zone just because we can’t tweak our brand of clothing to work in all climate zones isn’t fun either (frankly unimmersive at best). This is partially due the level and learn system; how the item products are shown and expressed.

Only if devs made the mistake to go with the current stage and keep it as a base for the next update. Instead of clothing stuck with a temperature resistance variable of one single type, should they leave that to materials used would make us all happy. This would be a relatively easy modification as well.

This is why devs shouldn’t make the above mistake. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow that was a comprehensive reply, okay I’ll try to help out using as few quotes as possible hahaha

My comment about DLC buildings was meant with regard to T3 buildings being just as unavailable at the start of the game. However…

  • Yes all building materials of a certain type, like Sandstone have different temperature resistance to either hot or cold, I have never checked to see by how many degrees or if T1 is diff from T2 or T3…
    Sandstone, StoneBrick, Reinforced Brick are all heat resist,
    Insulated wood, Black Ice are cold resist.
    So when some builds a T3 Black Ice Fortress in the middle of the desert or worse still The Volcano… they won’t just get very hot and thirsty much more quickly, but risk dying while their offline body dehydrates away!

  • The Turanian foundation is heat resist, which is unusual as the armour is cold resist, normally they match!

Yes when I said armour ability bonus I meant attribute bonus :blush:

  • Personally I do think the devs should have made a better decision on which attribute bonus they gave the Turanian light (same as Lemurian Royal) and medium (same as Kambujan and Khitan Captain). The heavy with agility bonus is the 1st cold one, so that bit was good (sort of :zipper_mouth_face: )

  • Altering your current armour to a different temperature zone is already in-game…
    Just like in real life… we change our clothes, we don’t stop to cut the arms off or sew on extra padding :grinning:

Do you mean the Light / Medium / Heavy idea of the 3 types of armour?
Or the 6 versions of a type… Base armour, Exceptional, Flawless, Epic Base, Epic Exceptional and Epic Flawless?

I think it would be a gread adition to the game if we had some of the armor, like for instance those learned on the map (desert dog, relic hunter, reptilian armor) that had neutral resistance to temperature, like if we were naked

There almost already is…
The armour’s temperature resistances have been standardised across the board now, unless I missed some. (Silent Legion being the only exception, it’s a Epic Base, but has heat protect of a Epic Flawless)

Any base armour set, i.e not Exceptional or Flawless, actually only gives you 1 degree of protection.

So that’s almost neutral :smiley:

Edit: I looked in to various armour sets, the only ones with standardised temperature progression seems to be the DLC ones.

Silent Legion might just be Epic base, but it is better temperature wise than other Epic Flawless sets.

You don’t get 1 degree of protection it’s 1 heat resistance. They are different things.
So a neutral set could be handy.

I’ve done well… I think I’ve managed to disprove everything I said before :boot::dizzy_face:

Thanks for the info. So the resistance variable for building blocks isn’t shown anywhere in-game? :confused:

Since I personally think the leveling system as a whole is clumsy, unimaginative, somewhat counter-innovative and so on, I don’t base my judgement on attributes. There’s a way to make them matter more, giving the game a boost of immersion, but it would warrant a revision of the whole system (menus preferably included; PS4 user here, hi) to make them work. The temperature resistance is a relatively simple part of the system, an interestingly distinct feature, so that’s why I care about its future. :yum:

It isn’t. We can alter their mass, durability and the like, but not temperature (not that I want to use this stage of a system as it is; merely mentioned to bring up a point). For that and the bonus attribute we want, we need to change the whole brand to another. Why do I have to change the whole brand, the whole costume to another, when I only want to tweak the one I already have to gain some insulation or make it more breathing? Of course it’s easier sometimes to change shirts, but we are not changing shirts here. We are forced to change not shirt for a shirt, but a shirt for a coat and vice versa (tiering issue). There’s no middle ground here even though there should be. Tiering is meant to work the way what I express the game is missing. Simply put, it’s failing its job. It feels like devs took this leveling system, cut the corners, stretched the requirements as far as the map is and ran with that. It feels so bloated and oversimplified. :weary:

We don’t reside in that safe of an environment where we can just order something from a shop and take it with us though. This is a prison realm were talking about after all (isn’t it?).

If it was a broken tire, you would fix it with a patch (you do fix your weapons, yes?) and if you had a way to make your tools more reliable, why wouldn’t you do so (make truncheon do more concussion damage, surely?).

People do take the time to modify their brands have more variety in real life too. We wouldn’t have fashion otherwise nor life as we know it. :joy:

My point is that the tiering has a deep rooted game design issue that games have had for awhile now. My point is that it is fairly easy to correct (since it’s more about the presentation in this game). We as players wouldn’t necessarily sense the difference, but from a logical perspective (and my sanity) the processing and how the items are expressed in the inventories would be sound. Item structure would need some tweaking, sure, but this part of the management system is one of the smallest variables in the game. I’d wager that even emotes need more attention due animation and model building. :thinking:


I haven’t noticed any details with the blocks. First thing I noticed was how ridiculously fast the testicles waved (my male character) and I thought that maybe more insulated house would do the trick. Well, it didn’t and therefore I concluded that since they still wave exactly as fast, the house isn’t insulated enough and therefore they are just used for the sandstorm and camp related challenges. :joy:


If you say the insulated houses matter, then there’s something dearly wrong with the wind mechanic. :sweat_smile:

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if they want to do it, they should have thought that the turanian buildings provide protection from the heat, while the armor gives protection from the cold, although it is obvious that they are intended for the desert

lemurian npcs live in the jungle with high temperature but their armors have cold resistance and if you wear flawless set you die cause deadly heat

there more sets like this

buy dlc and get, heat resistance set with bonus vitality, which has no analogues for those who have not bought dlc? and flawless craftable with any t4 armorer >w> doesnt seem like balance

pictish medium, turanian light and lemurian royal gives survival, it is useful only for pve servers

we have 3 medium cold resistance sets that gives strength, and there more like this


When you click on a foundation for example, it will say Heat Resistance in the description box.

I just spend hours trying the two T3 types with relevant roofs and doors, Black-Ice for cold resist, Reinforced Stone for heat resist.

I built in 3 locations, moderate temp (+8°), extream cold (-37°) and extream heat (+60°)
Although the temperature changes were not what I expected (as balanced), it is still true to use the relevant type for the location’s temperature.

The usefulness is trivial in the PvE servers as well. This depends solely how realistic the harvesting and crafting settings are. This is also the reason why I criticise the system so passionate. When the settings are more realistic, the gameplay portion related to the settings becomes useless and a burden in some areas; bottleneck effect.


Correction. At least the PVE side of private servers, that is. I have no idea how the official servers are impacted (edit: Well, I have a hunch :joy:).

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I need to take another look at these. I focused more on the genitalia / wind physics to tell me how air tight and breathing a house is (the less they wave, the more insulated complex). When the blocks failed to make any difference there, I wagered my conclusion based on that alone. :scream:

How annoying (game logic). :rage:

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